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All- New Shenanigans

Ed and I were talking about this scene the other night, and how great it is. Present-day Bobby and Kitty are mocking Captain America and Beast, and each character’s personality is just nailed perfectly. Excellent writing.

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X-Men Face to Face

Getting back to All New X-Men, the X-Men from 1963 are coming face to face with the X-Men from 2013. This is having a strong effect on each character, but they’re not all reacting the same way. Some of them are taking it rather well, while others are finding it hard to adjust.


The younger X-Men are shown a terrible future, where they have aged fifty years and not much of Xavier’s dream has been accomplished. They have to hear some horrible news, such as Xavier’s death at the hands of Cyclops. They are in disbelief. The present day X-Men are forced to look upon their younger selves, when they were full of so much hope and so much potential. They were kids. Such a thing forces someone to look back at how they lived their life and realize the choices that they made.

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This early in the series, the X-Men uniforms are fairly simple. They are each wearing blue and gold spandex with a mask to hide their identity. Iceman gets away without much of a uniform, but as we saw in our last post he still has to get his blue and gold boots on before he can do any fighting. These uniforms might seem a bit hokey and boring to those of us used to their modern appearance, but this look has really grown on me. For one thing, they are all new recruits in the early comics. This design emphasizes the team spirit more than their individual personalities. I think of this as boot camp. The Professor is trying to mold them into a team, and he often warns them against arrogance and showboating. It makes sense that their uniforms share a cohesive theme.

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