All- New Shenanigans

Ed and I were talking about this scene the other night, and how great it is. Present-day Bobby and Kitty are mocking Captain America and Beast, and each character’s personality is just nailed perfectly. Excellent writing.

All- New  is quickly becoming my favorite current series, and right now is holding a strong second to Superior Spider-man. The art and writing is fantastic, and it feels like a great about of thought went into the behavior and dialogue of each character. Also, of course, reading it while also reading the original series is fun because it presents a fairly twisted alternate storyline as far as the original five are concerned. We’ve mentioned it before, but just to recap, the overall plot of All- New is that the original team is displaced in time to the current Marvel universe. Scott’s being pissy, Angel’s freaking out, and it looks like Jean is gonna melt down any day now.
I posted this cover on my tumblr a week or so ago, and Ed brought up and interesting point. Namely, why the hell is there a framed picture of Scott holding Jean’s lifeless corpse? Kind of an odd thing to even take a picture of in the first place, let alone put in a frame and keep around. I figure the photo probably belongs to Wolverine, which is pretty messed up. Also, here’s a panel in which original Bobby uses the F-word:
Yes he is definitely using the F-word. I can tell. Also, he touched Unus. Way to go, Iceman.

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  1. Yes I so agree that All New X-Men is kicking ass. Are you reading Young Avengers though? I think it’s the only book right now with better dialogue, and I personally think Jamie McKelvie’s really clean art style is more intriguing than what Immonen is laying down on All New X-Men. The only dissappointing thing with All New X-Men so far was the last issue because it basically rehashed exactly what happened in the last issue of Uncanny…or the other way around, either way the two issues were basically the same story twice, so I hope Bendis only got one giant pile of fan-cash instead of two.

    • I actually love the way All New and Uncanny are overlapping. All New #10 and Uncanny #4 recently showed us the same scene, Scott showing up at the mansion, but it’s showing us different areas of the conversation and focusing on different characters. All New simply focused on Scott talking to Kitty and Wolverine, etc, and asking if anyone wants to join their school. We see that the Cuckoos are the first to sign up, and seen like they can’t wait to follow them.

      It wasn’t until Uncanny #4 that we see how much was really going on behind the scenes. That issue may show the same events, but it instead focuses on Emma and the Cuckoos. It is showing us the telepathic conversation they are having, which no one else knows about. We learn that the Cuckoos were actually initially dead set on not going, and Emma needed to convince them. We see that damage has been done to their relationship, as the Cuckoos feel they were abandoned after the AvX incident. This scene was shown to us a second time so that we could get that character development, and to show us that there is often more going on than we initially pick up on. In a world of telepaths, there can be several layers to any conversation.

      I’m really enjoying the way these two titles are intertwined. Bendis is a marvelous storyteller, and I thought he was clever not to make the issues feel like they are just showing us the same scene. Even though the characters are only a few feet apart, what’s actually happening in one is really only in the background of the other. He’s taking the time to make sure that he gets every character’s personality right. I can’t wait to see what he and Neil Gaiman have in store for Guardians of the Galaxy.

      Regarding Young Avengers, I haven’t been reading it and hadn’t really considered it. I’m not very familiar with the characters. I recently got YA#1 during the Marvel #1s sale, and I liked it but I still prefer All New’s art. Each artist seems well suited for the title they are doing, something Marvel’s done well with lately. You described the art in YA as clean, which is pretty accurate, but I guess I like it a bit more stylized. Still, whoever does the art for Young Avengers surely does a fine job of drawing Miss America Chavez. I also read the Marvel Now Point One preview, and caught a bit of Miss America having lunch (and a smack down) with… is the name Kid Loki? That scene was great and I was completely smitten with Chavez by the end of it. This is a title I’d like to check out, but I’m just following too many right now.

  2. Astonishing Dave

    I also got Young avengers #1 during the 700 giveaway, and due to your suggestion I went and checked it out. I was pretty jazzed to see Noh Varr in it, as I am always interested in what Captain Marvel related characters are getting up too. Issue 4 comes out today, and I haven’t been to the shop yet, so maybe I’ll grab that and whatever back issues they have. I kinda thought that they’d be further along by now, it seems like the title launched a while ago. I don’t think I’m gonna start following Thunderbolts so maybe YA will be my next title.

    Also, #1 variant cover by Brian O’Malley! God damn I can’t believe I didn’t pick one of those up when they were available.

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