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Professor Robot Legs


Being that this comic is largely about teenagers, it makes sense that we are constantly dealing with their adolescent insecurities, doubts, and mixed emotions. They’re kids. Scott, Jean, and Warren have a love triangle going on, Scott and warren are both ashamed and/or frightened of their mutant powers, and Bobby is always doing goofy shit. Henry is the most adult of the bunch, but even he likes to kick back with the drugged out hooligans down in Greenwich Village. This comic has been dealing with their problems so much that we’ve barely noticed Xavier’s own heartache and frustration. Being the adult, he deliberately chooses not to burden his students with his desire to walk again. It seems that what has been kept bottled up will inspire…


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Plague of The Locust


Issue 24 gives us yet another new villain for the X-Men to face, The Locust. The X-Men will have to battle giant, carnivorous insects! Like most of our last group of evil doers, The Locust is merely a normal human, a masked weirdo who uses gadgets and science to do incredible things. He has no actual power. I hope cerebro turns up a few new mutants soon because these guys have been a little dopey. Anyway, lets see what this one has to offer us.

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