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Super Avenger vs X-Man


We have more monster-of-the-month fun coming to us with issue 29, as an Avengers villain shows up to wreak havoc. It’s the Super-Adaptoid, a giant robot who possesses the powers of four Avengers, including Hawkeye, Goliath, Captain America, and the Wasp. Get ready for quite a fight, because he’s going toe-to-toe with Mimic, the mutant with the powers of five X-Men! It’s like AvX all over again, but in a smaller package.

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Meet the Banshee


Issue 28 introduces two new villains, and one of them is a character that I’ve long known to be an X-Man. Banshee! I wasn’t expecting to see him pop up so soon, and I had no idea that Banshee was ever a villain. Issues like this are a perfect example of why we started this blog.

Banshee and another villain, the big, clunky Ogre, are plotting to kidnap Professor Xavier and ruin the X-Men. They will reveal the existence of a new secret crime syndicate and hint at a larger plot that will affect the world. This issue is full of secrets.

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Recruitment Day!


Well, as is often the case, Professor X was in his room playing with Cerebro and he finds out that, yet again, the greatest threat that the X-Men have evar faced is on it’s way, so it’s time to go get some new team mates. Issue 27 does something new, which is kind of fun. They start near the end of the story, and once we see the team fight the Mimic for a while, the issue then goes back and shows how everyone ended up in this situation, and don’t you just know it? Things are not as they seem! This is a pretty basic plot structure, but when most of your stories are monster-of-the-week types, it’s nice to break it up once in a while.

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El Tigre and the Ego


We don’t have any new mutants yet, but we do have a villain with some real powers. Issues 25 and 26 tell the story of El Tigre, an infamous treasure hunter who plundered tombs and riches across the world. He is in South America hunting for a treasure left behind by the Mayans. What he finds will grant him the power to become the all powerful Kukulcan, an ancient Mayan god. However, it will come with a price.

Meanwhile, things between Jean and Scott are heating up. The two of them continue to fawn over each other, and yet somehow no one is more of a little girl than Warren Worthington III. His jealousy and arrogance will cause him to do something that could tear the group apart. These issues are filled with drama and adventure, and I enjoyed them far more than most of the recent episodic revolving villains.

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Yet Again, The Greatest Threat Ever

This time, the Greatest Threat Evar comes in the form of Calvin Rankin, the Mimic, and boy oh boy is this guy a class act.

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