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Up To New Tricks


Now that the X-Men have split up into smaller groups, we get to see the members having some adventures without any back up to bail them out. What kind of trouble will these teenagers get into now that school’s out? Hank and Bobby are still living on the east coast, hitting up their old haunts and girlfriends. They don’t suspect that they’re about to have an encounter with an old enemy. And why would they? What could possibly go wrong on date night?

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Mo Monsters, Mo Problems


The next foe that the X-Men have to face is Grotesk, and sadly he’s another tall, lumbering, dimwitted brute. This time he’s dressed like He-Man. He’s also from beneath the Earth, and he’s the last of his race. Grotesk is on a mission to destroy the planet and taste his revenge. Will the X-Men stop him in time? Will there still be moments of senseless, self-important teenage drama? Yes and Yes!

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Revenge of the Juggernaut


We finally see what’s behind that old door and holy crap it’s the Juggernaut! Nice! He looks unconscious, he’s chained up, and he must have been in there for months. I can only imagine how pissed he’s going to be when he wakes up. It’s a good thing the Professor decided to go mess with him while the X-Men are away on vacation. Issue 32 begins a two part Juggernaut story, and one I’m excited to read.

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Bobby’s 18th Birthday


Issue 32 begins with a very special milestone for Bobby Drake, his 18th birthday. He is the youngest of the group, and therefore the last to reach adulthood. The gang is all together, celebrating at, of course, the Coffee A-Go-Go. And why not? The X-Men are the hippest cats around.

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The Less Invincible Cobalt Man


Get ready as the X-Men take on Cobalt Man, which is almost like taking on Iron Man.   Cobalt Man is obviously derivative of Iron Man, but he turns out to be a fun villain and worth the read. Iron Man is awesome, so why shouldn’t there be an evil version of him flying around somewhere? Plus, this issue has a lot of great X-Men drama, as we get “gripping glimpses” into the lives of these teens. Will Scott finally make a move on Jean?

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Among Us Stalk… The Sentinels!

Issue 14 is yet another milestone first appearance, introducing the Sentinels. As with the Blob and Juggernaut, I was not aware that this villain had so much history with the X-Men. I probably would have bet money that the Sentinels were a Chris Claremont creation. Instead they go all the way back to the Kirby/Lee issues. Considering Galactus and remembering the insane concept art that Jack Kirby drew for Argo, it starts to make a lot of sense.

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