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It’s a Girl


The X-Men have been on separate paths lately, disbanded and disheartened. With Professor Xavier still deceased, times are rough. What would it take to get this team back together? The greatest threat ever, obviously. Lucky for them such a threat is about to strike.  This story arc is one of the boldest Marvel had delivered up to this point, spanning four issues, 49-52. We’ll see new enemies, new allies, and the return of an old favorite.

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Origins: Jack O’ Diamonds


The origin stories continue in the back pages of issue 40, this time continuing Cyclops’ adventure running away from the orphanage. Lost in the woods, he was beckoned into a creepy shack. We were promised the first evil mutant, and this issue delivers. However, the answer isn’t as lavish as Magneto or as powerful as Namor. Instead we have Jack of Diamonds, the man with diamond hands and telepathy. Get ready for sex-offender Emma Frost.

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Origins: Professor X


After we are left with a doomsday cliffhanger, issue 38 shifts to another segment, the secret origins of the X-Men! It is the story of how the team came to be, and what caused the Professor to meddle in the affairs of humans and mutants alike. We find out how the “mutant problem” began, and how one person laid the groundwork to form a team of superheroes that would rival the likes of the Fantastic Four and the Avengers.

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Scott’s a jerk too


Theses days, there is a sort of ‘telepathic honor system’ in place in the X-men universe. The Professor and Jean (when she’s around) and the other telepaths mostly shy away from reading people’s minds with out their permission, as well as doing things like, you know, erasing their memories. Back in the sixties tho, as we’ve seen, the good professor wouldn’t even think twice about using the old brain-fry on an enemy, and Scott, well, Scott isn’t even a telepath so the phrase ‘telepathic honor system’ definitely hasn’t occurred to him. Here we have him hooking up some burglars to cerebro and wiping their memories, which is certainly not something I’ve ever heard of cerebro doing.

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While Dad’s away, let’s get our asses kicked by Spider-man!

This is the title of 85% of all crossover comics featuring Spider-man.

Okay, so first of all, I feel the title is just begging for comment. I mean, I sure feel like I’ve seen this title before. Anyone else? Well, here are some numbers for you that I have recently made up. Not only are 27% of all Spider-man titles “Along Came A Spider”, but 85% of crossover comics that feature Spider-man also use this title. In fact (and somewhat surprisingly), it turns out that when you look at all non-Spider-man Marvel books published between 1960 and 2010, a whopping 38% of those individual issues use this exact title. So, that’s weird. Anyway, it’s issue 35 and The Banshee is out looking for his lucky charms!

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X-Men Into Darkness


Having hardly begun their search for the kidnapped Charles Xavier, our teenaged heroes are being dragged off on an unrelated adventure. The X-Men are going underground, delving far below the surface of the Earth to witness an epic battle between Mole Man and the mysterious Tyrannus. I love Mole Man, but Tyrannus kind of sucks. Still, issue 34 gives us a lot of characters, which is always fun. Charles will have to wait.

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Into the Crimson Cosmos!


Issue 33 picks up with Juggernaut trampling through a forest, on his way to an airbase. He is trying to steal a flight to Europe, so that he can meet up with his new friends, the mysterious Factor Three. Another Marvel hero makes his first X-Men appearance, and we learn more about the mysterious Cyttorak demon.

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Revenge of the Juggernaut


We finally see what’s behind that old door and holy crap it’s the Juggernaut! Nice! He looks unconscious, he’s chained up, and he must have been in there for months. I can only imagine how pissed he’s going to be when he wakes up. It’s a good thing the Professor decided to go mess with him while the X-Men are away on vacation. Issue 32 begins a two part Juggernaut story, and one I’m excited to read.

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A New Leader is Chosen


And what would a festive celebration be without a lot of unnecessary drama? Apparently Professor X feels the need to rain on their parade, as he announces on Graduation Day that he is taking a leave of absence from the X-Men. Granted this is coming from the same guy who just lied to us about losing his powers, but we’ll play along.

In his absence, Xavier decides to choose a team leader, who will be in charge of the team while he is gone. Well if you thought Iceman you were wrong.

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