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Origins: Cyclops


At the end of issue 42, we get another installment in the origin of Cyclops. Jack O’ Diamonds meets his fate, but more importantly we get to see Scott Summers don his uniform and iconic visor for the first time!

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Origins: The Living Diamond


These Origin stories that have been in the back of the last few issues have been some of the more interesting stories these comics have given us recently. Unfortunately, this segment is pretty unnecessary. Jack O’Diamonds gets his wish and fully becomes the ugly man version of Emma Frost.

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Origins: Jack O’ Diamonds


The origin stories continue in the back pages of issue 40, this time continuing Cyclops’ adventure running away from the orphanage. Lost in the woods, he was beckoned into a creepy shack. We were promised the first evil mutant, and this issue delivers. However, the answer isn’t as lavish as Magneto or as powerful as Namor. Instead we have Jack of Diamonds, the man with diamond hands and telepathy. Get ready for sex-offender Emma Frost.

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