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X-Men Into Darkness


Having hardly begun their search for the kidnapped Charles Xavier, our teenaged heroes are being dragged off on an unrelated adventure. The X-Men are going underground, delving far below the surface of the Earth to witness an epic battle between Mole Man and the mysterious Tyrannus. I love Mole Man, but Tyrannus kind of sucks. Still, issue 34 gives us a lot of characters, which is always fun. Charles will have to wait.

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The Less Invincible Cobalt Man


Get ready as the X-Men take on Cobalt Man, which is almost like taking on Iron Man.   Cobalt Man is obviously derivative of Iron Man, but he turns out to be a fun villain and worth the read. Iron Man is awesome, so why shouldn’t there be an evil version of him flying around somewhere? Plus, this issue has a lot of great X-Men drama, as we get “gripping glimpses” into the lives of these teens. Will Scott finally make a move on Jean?

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