This early in the series, the X-Men uniforms are fairly simple. They are each wearing blue and gold spandex with a mask to hide their identity. Iceman gets away without much of a uniform, but as we saw in our last post he still has to get his blue and gold boots on before he can do any fighting. These uniforms might seem a bit hokey and boring to those of us used to their modern appearance, but this look has really grown on me. For one thing, they are all new recruits in the early comics. This design emphasizes the team spirit more than their individual personalities. I think of this as boot camp. The Professor is trying to mold them into a team, and he often warns them against arrogance and showboating. It makes sense that their uniforms share a cohesive theme.

Original X-Men 01IMG_0137

Initially I was anxious to see these characters show a little more of their personality with their wardrobe, but I’m surprised by how much I’m enjoying this minimal design. It has a really hip 60s mod feel, as this series started the same time that the Beatles were sporting matching black leather suits and mop tops.




So you see, at this point the coolest people on the planet were all trying to match outfits. Even the Stones weren’t immune.

Today these matching outfits have more in common with boybands than a group of badass X-Men, and it can be difficult to really visualize them in action. As much as I love the charm and simplicity of Jack Kirby’s pencils, he leaves a little to be desired in terms of sheer white-knuckled excitement.

Fortunately, I’ve never seen a better visual aid for this artwork than the modern interpretation currently found in All New X-Men. If you haven’t been reading this book, pick it up. I’m going to wait to discuss this title in another post, but for now I just want to mention the incredible art that is being done of the original X-Men costumes. I have a whole new appreciation for this character design.



The character who looks the least like the one we know today is definitely Beast. The fuzzy blue furred Beast hasn’t arrived yet. In these comics Beast has no fur, but he still has his strength and agility. He simply looks more human. His hands and feet are somewhat abnormally large, yet he can still manage to blend in with most crowds.


This panel best illustrates the changes that Beast eventually goes through as his physical form continues to mutate. This is a panel from All New X-Men #5. That is 1964 Beast lending some support to 2013 Beast. In a few days I’m going to talk more about this comic, and what happens when each X-Man comes face to face with themselves fifty years in the future.


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