Our goal is to read every X-Men comic, going back to the very beginning. By the end we will have enjoyed every individual issue of X-Men volumes I and II, as well as several accompanying books of the X-Men universe along the way. We will be discussing the journey here on this blog, where we hope to widen our perspective by sharing our read with other fans.


Marvel Comics has been publishing X-Men since 1963, and after fifty years of adventures, it is a lot to catch up on. For anyone diving into the Marvel universe for the first time, getting situated can be overwhelming. Jumping into the story at any random point is going to leave a reader struggling to untangle years of grudges, romances, and wars, years of plot and character development that you missed out on. We can not accept that.

  1. This is an awesome idea for a blog and I am hooked after reading just a few entries. Is it weird to leave comments on the About page of a blog? I guess it is.

  2. Not at all, in fact I was hoping someone would comment about what we’re doing. I’m glad you like the blog. It’s been fun seeing the X-Men’s humble beginnings, and covering all of the obscure characters that few people remember. This is such a huge, epic store that has been told over the last fifty years, and not many people really know it that well. I sure didn’t, and a lot of what I’m reading is really surprising me.

    Up until just a few years ago it was impractical (in fact, practically impossible) to find and read fifty years of comic books. A recent eBay auction had the entire X-Men series going up above $5K the last time I saw it, and people hadn’t stopped bidding. Now our lovely digital age has turned the epic task of locating and purchasing every issue into the short wait of a digital download. This makes it possible to carry fifty years of comic books around on an iPad, a modern marvel indeed. It suddenly seemed possible to know the whole story, and I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity.

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