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Behold the Eyes of Sauron


The X-Men have barely had time to calm down since the excitement of the mutant genocide and they’re about to face a monster. This isn’t a lost, hapless mutant. This isn’t some guy in a suit with a fancy gadget. This isn’t a bank robber, a robot, or some pathetic megalomaniac plugging the holes in his ego. This isn’t Magneto’s crazy face. This is a god damn monster. Sauron is one of the first villains they’ve faced that could easily rip them limb from limb. He is a villain to fear, and I’m excited to see where he comes from. Issues 60 and 61 tell the story of his origin, his tragedy, and his first encounter with the X-Men.

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The Sentinels Wreak Havok


Getting back to the X-Men and their impending doom, issues 58 and 59 are going to up the ante. There are more villains, more heroes, more danger, and more action than anything we’ve seen up to this point. It’s an epic story with high stakes, resulting in both triumph and tragedy. There will be secrets revealed and plots set in motion, as the events of these issues will shape a large part of the X-Men universe in the decades that follow. Get ready for the mutant genocide, finally put into motion by a revengeful, grieving son. Trask Industries is back online.

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The Mutant Brawl


At long last, Factor Three is coming to an end. The saga that began way back in issue 28 now reaches its epic conclusion in issue 39. This group has kidnapped Charles Xavier, enslaved Banshee, invaded the X-Mansion, fought Spiderman, put the X-Men on trial, and even toyed with the Juggernaut. Now it’s do or die, as two teams of powerful mutants will collide on one battlefield. All the while, the fate of Earth hangs in the balance. Cyclops and Iceman are under attack from the US military, trying to stop a nuclear launch. Beast, Marvel Girl, and Angel are imprisoned in Moscow, accused of a failed assassination attempt on several communist leaders. The Blob is in the cell with them, unconscious. The Mutant Master watches calmly, convinced of his success.

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X-Men on Trial


At last, the X-Men have a solid lead on Factor Three. This secret organization, its members and its plan, will be unmasked. With so many villains that could be holding a grudge against the X-Men, who will we see? We’re certain to see some new faces as well. Whoever they are, they’re planning on holding the X-Men on trial for crimes against the mutant race. Issue 37 is one of the most exciting I’ve read in a while.

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Untouched and Unmoved

Issue 20 bring the return of three X-Men villains. First, Unus and the Blob, dressed as X-Men, are robbing a bank. I really enjoyed Unus in this issue, far more than I did in his first appearance. He ditched the lame outfit, and he and the Blob make an interesting duo. They have a plan to discredit the X-Men by committing crimes in their name. They’re even sure to smoke while doing so, which makes the X-Men look really unhealthy. It may be a simple plan, but this will probably hurt the X-Men a lot more than Magneto did trashing their home in the last two issues. After the nightmare of Bolivar Trask and the Sentinels, the X-Men have a chance to gain some of the public trust. Will the opportunity slip through their fingers?

Meet Unus the Untouchable

unus1So the Beast gets pissy and leaves the X-men, as we have previously discussed. And his first action of business? Well, become a professional wrestler, of course. This scenario should sound somewhat familiar, because when Peter Parker got his spider-powers, this was his first idea as well. I guess it’s a logical choice if you happen to be a super-type and want to make some fast dollars. So, the Beast jumps in the ring, and a week later, becomes a national star. Everything is going great until he comes up against, get this, Unus the Untouchable!


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