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What’s the Deal with Juggernaut?

In the early 2000s, when I started picking up comics on a regular basis again after several years of indifference, Juggernaut was a member of the X-Men. Well, he never really becomes an official member of either team, but when he inquires about it, Havoc pretty much says, “You got it, bro.” He’s also living at the Xavier Institute and sleeping with She Hulk, which is fairly hysterical. But, he’s not a mutant, so should he really be on one of the X-teams? If he’s not a mutant, why does he set off cerebro? What’s the deal with his crimson armbands? And did I just see Colossus wearing his helmet during AvX.

What’s the Deal with Namor?

namorAs any old-timers are sure to remember, back in the nineties we didn’t really have the internet. Certainty, we didn’t have it in the capacity that we do today, and even in the early 2000s, when I had my comics renaissance and started collecting hardcore again, we still didn’t really have the imediate access to absolutely any and all information that we have today. As a result, I never really knew what the deal with Namor was.

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