X-Men Face to Face

Getting back to All New X-Men, the X-Men from 1963 are coming face to face with the X-Men from 2013. This is having a strong effect on each character, but they’re not all reacting the same way. Some of them are taking it rather well, while others are finding it hard to adjust.


The younger X-Men are shown a terrible future, where they have aged fifty years and not much of Xavier’s dream has been accomplished. They have to hear some horrible news, such as Xavier’s death at the hands of Cyclops. They are in disbelief. The present day X-Men are forced to look upon their younger selves, when they were full of so much hope and so much potential. They were kids. Such a thing forces someone to look back at how they lived their life and realize the choices that they made.

How each person reacts is a really good illustration of their personalities, so lets take this moment to get to know them each a little better.

tumblr_mea87gNvi61qeeerco1_500Iceman, having been the youngest member and often the goofiest, reacts in complete and utter horror. These two might be having the most difficult time of coming to terms with this whole time shift. Bobby always was the least experienced and the least intellectual of the bunch.

All-New-X-Men_1_Interior copy

Beast reacts in a way that is so incredibly typical of his personality. He has the biggest surprise of anyone, since it is his future self who first faces them. Yet he doesn’t react with any sort of fear or panic. He reacts completely logically, as Spock would. Right away he is solving problems and stepping up. He assumes a natural leadership role and I don’t think anyone around him realizes it.


Angel has the absolute best reaction out of the bunch. The present day Angel is overjoyed to see his former self. I don’t ever remember seeing Angel this happy. One could explain this away by bringing up Warren Worthington III’s arrogance and self-involvement. He is looking at himself when he was in his prime, when he looked his best.

Personally, I don’t buy it. I think that his joy has more to do with his intense transformation over the years. He’s looking at himself before Apocalypse took his wings, before he became Archangel, before he made so many mistakes. It’s understandable that this is an emotional moment for him. I imagine this is also how Joan Rivers or Bruce Jenner would react.


Jean Grey has probably the toughest time of things. First of all, she has to find out that she’s dead. That can’t be easy. Then, her telepathy kicks in all at once, and she has to deal with thousands of voices when it’s already so hard to make sense of things. Then she decides to read Beast’s mind and find out exactly what happens to her and Scott. It might not have been a fabulous idea. In an instant she experiences marrying Scott, falling for Wolverine, decades of extra drama, the death of the professor, Madelyne Pryor, her husband’s fall from grace, and every phoenix saga there has ever been. All at once. All for you.

What does this say about Jean Grey’s character? I guess just that she has major identity issues and you do NOT want to date her.


Now even though Jean Grey is clearly the one with news to be upset over, leave it to Cyclops to be the one to have a problem. Remember how I said that the Professor put him in charge because he doesn’t know how to have any fun? Well here is another perfect example. He meets his old self and immediately tries to kill him. Great strategy, fearless leader. Scott Summers manages to show us once again that he will never fail to take everything too seriously and ruin everyone’s good time.

In conclusion, this shows me that even after fifty years, the core of one’s personality doesn’t change much. Even with all the drama that has unfolded in that time, these are still largely the same people they were when they were teenagers, with the same traits and tendencies.

Well, except for Jean. She’s dead.


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