Revenge of the Juggernaut


We finally see what’s behind that old door and holy crap it’s the Juggernaut! Nice! He looks unconscious, he’s chained up, and he must have been in there for months. I can only imagine how pissed he’s going to be when he wakes up. It’s a good thing the Professor decided to go mess with him while the X-Men are away on vacation. Issue 32 begins a two part Juggernaut story, and one I’m excited to read.


We cut back to Bobby at his Coffee A Go-Go birthday party, here the gang is about to run into a bit of trouble. A motorcycle gang bursts in through the window! Seems pretty bold for mid town Manhattan, but these guys are tough. They’re also pretty unlucky, since they’re unknowingly attacking a team of superheroes. If the X-Men have any problem with these guys I’ll be disappointed. I know they have to keep their identities a secret, but come on. A biker gang? These guys have fought Magneto.

These bikers call themselves Satan’s Saints’ which is awesome, and their leader is a ‘Beardnik’ named Rocky Rhodes. Like the ice cream. Scary, right? Also what the heck is a beardnik? Spellcheck doesn’t know either and I’m afraid to google it.

The X-Men do not let me down. Their Danger Room training kicks in and they make short work of these thugs. They even use some of their powers unnoticed, as Bobby ices their path and Jean blocks their vision with telekinesis. Soon the day is saved and the girls are officially impressed.


Back at the mansion, Charles Xavier is about to begin an experiment on Cain Marko. Charles has been studying the Cyttorak demon, and feels that his new machine can separate it from Cain once and for all. After everything that he has done, both as Cain Marko and the Juggnaut, Charles is still trying to save his brother. What a guy.

However, as soon as the machine is turned on something goes terribly wrong. Charles senses a third presence probing Cain’s mind, and he has no idea who it is. Doesn’t he remember that demon that he claims to have researched? Apparently not because the machine was only calibrated for two minds. It explodes, leaving Charles unconscious.


Juggernaut rises from the ashes. He is happy to find his helmet, which Charles so ‘obligingly’ left beside the machine. Charles Francis Xavier, what the hell were you thinking? Things go immediately from bad to worse as Juggernaut realizes that he has a new power… Xavier’s mental abilities! He storms off, furious and determined to destroy the X-Men.

Being that this may be there final moments, it’s good that the X-Men are having such a good time. Bobby and Henry are dropping off their dates, and Bobby gets a good night kiss. This seems to be their first, which makes sense because this is probably the first time he’s ever finished a date with her. Things with Zelda are moving along rather nicely. I approve. She’s fun, she parties, she puts up with him being broke and running out all the time, and she went through all the trouble of putting that party together. She has bad taste in poetry, but I’ll forgive her.

Warren is having pretty good luck as well. Candy has invited him up to her apartment, obviously impressed by his display of heroism, and yet Warren skips out on her. What the heck Warren? You have this woman eating out of the palm of your hand, she invited you up, you traveled all the way to uptown to ‘see her place’, and now you just leave? I thought you were a smooth ladies man. Plus, he just did this same thing to her last time. This time he has no reason, no distress call, no danger to run to, just a cold night and a lonely ride home. That’s when I realize… it’s the wings. How sad.

He asks her if they can continue this Saturday night and she shoots him down. Burn. He says a bunch of nervous, awkward, dorky things and he leaves. Poor Warren Worthington. His arrogance puts up such a good front that its easy to forget the albatross on his back. Outside we see him on the street, trying to justify his rude departure on his recent feelings for Jean. I don’t buy it.


Meanwhile, Scott and Jean are taking a stroll in a park. They finally have a meaningful conversation, where Scott opens up about his power and how scared he is of it. Jean is sweet and sympathetic. Scott seems to realize her feelings for him, and I think they’re one step closer to finally admitting them.

The tone of our story soon changes as the first of the X-Men arrives home, and steps into the trap that the Juggernaut has set. It is Warren, driving to his doom when he could be in the arms of a woman. Finding the mansion dark and empty, he becomes Angel and approaches with caution. The issue does good job of tricking the reader into thinking that these events will resemble the time Magneto confronted them in issue 18. He had picked the X-Men off one by one. Angel is attaked behind by a mysterious opponent, and is ready for a fight. However, Juggernaut has more of a spectacle planned. Angel soon finds that he’s not fighting an intruder but Beast. The rest of the X-Men are home as well, and they are all suspicious about a possible intruder.

Suddenly, Cerebro’s alarm starts going off. They run to the terminal, to find that Cerebro has identified them as the mutant enemy. Who could be controlling Cerebro then? The whole house begins to shake and then somehow Cerebro is destroyed. After checking every room, they head down to the Professor’s lab in the basement.


And that’s where he makes his stand. The Juggernaut, in classic Juggernaut fashion, takes all of the X-Men on at once. The team tries the classic Juggernaut 1-2-3 punch to no avail. They try to remove his helmet, but soon all are unconscious on the floor.


Juggernaut attempts to bury the X-Men in the rubble of the Xavier School. He begins to destroy everything in sight, when suddenly a little voice inside his head interrupts him. It is coming from Factor Three! That is the mysterious, evil organization that Charles has been investigating, which Ogre mentioned several issues ago. It turns out it was their presence that disrupted Charles’ machine, and now they are trying to recruit Juggernaut into their group.  With him on their side, they would surely be a force to be reckoned with. Juggernaut jets off to meet them in Europe, and the X-Men later awake to find him gone. They discover Xavier unconscious and badly hurt.

Will Charles be ok? Will the X-Men stop the Juggernaut before he can rendezvous with his new allies? Will Factor Three carry out their evil plan? Stay tuned for part two!


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