Bobby’s 18th Birthday


Issue 32 begins with a very special milestone for Bobby Drake, his 18th birthday. He is the youngest of the group, and therefore the last to reach adulthood. The gang is all together, celebrating at, of course, the Coffee A-Go-Go. And why not? The X-Men are the hippest cats around.

Zelda put this all together for him, and Vera is there so we know they’ve forgiven the boys for their recent mid-date departure. Bobby is just cutting the cake when Bernard the poet shows up. He offers to write Bobby a birthday poem* in exchange for a piece of cake, and he goes to write it. Zelda asks Bobby to dance and Vera and Henry follow suit.


That’s when Henry notices that Scott is finally dancing with Jean. Scott is terrible at picking up signals. Jean is almost bursting with joy that Scott is finally taking some initiative, and he picks up that she’s being pensive and distant. She’s not thinking about Ted you dummy, she’s melting in your arms. Is this really all you got, Cyclops?

Then Warren shows up with Candy. Remember her from our last post? She’s an old flame from Warren’s past and he recently found her at a dance club. Looks like he’s taking her home to meet the ‘family’. Looks like he’s done courting Jean Grey.


Bernard shows up ready to perform his poem. It’s terrible. It’s definitely not good enough for the hipsters, since one of them calls Bernard a “petit bourgeois”. What dishonor, and all for a slice of birthday cake.


Meanwhile, back at the Xavier Estate, Charles is hard at work on science stuff. He has completed some sort of major creation, invention, or discovery. Now it is the time for the ultimate test, and there is no turning back. He is about to face something alone, something that none of the other X-Men know about. He waited until the X-Men were all on vacation, because obviously nothing bad ever happens when the X-Men go on vacation.

He’s finally going to open the spooky door! He has kept us waiting several issues to see what he’s hiding in there. What’s on the other side? You’ll have to wait until our next post!


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