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Behold the Eyes of Sauron


The X-Men have barely had time to calm down since the excitement of the mutant genocide and they’re about to face a monster. ThisĀ isn’t a lost, hapless mutant. ThisĀ isn’t some guy in a suit with a fancy gadget. This isn’t a bank robber, a robot, or some pathetic megalomaniac plugging the holes in his ego. This isn’t Magneto’s crazy face. This is a god damn monster. Sauron is one of the first villains they’ve faced that could easily rip them limb from limb. He is a villain to fear, and I’m excited to see where he comes from. Issues 60 and 61 tell the story of his origin, his tragedy, and his first encounter with the X-Men.

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Meet Unus the Untouchable

unus1So the Beast gets pissy and leaves the X-men, as we have previously discussed. And his first action of business? Well, become a professional wrestler, of course. This scenario should sound somewhat familiar, because when Peter Parker got his spider-powers, this was his first idea as well. I guess it’s a logical choice if you happen to be a super-type and want to make some fast dollars. So, the Beast jumps in the ring, and a week later, becomes a national star. Everything is going great until he comes up against, get this, Unus the Untouchable!


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