Recruitment Day!


Well, as is often the case, Professor X was in his room playing with Cerebro and he finds out that, yet again, the greatest threat that the X-Men have evar faced is on it’s way, so it’s time to go get some new team mates. Issue 27 does something new, which is kind of fun. They start near the end of the story, and once we see the team fight the Mimic for a while, the issue then goes back and shows how everyone ended up in this situation, and don’t you just know it? Things are not as they seem! This is a pretty basic plot structure, but when most of your stories are monster-of-the-week types, it’s nice to break it up once in a while.


So, right off the bat, we’ve got our daily reminder that Scott and Jean are rarely ever thinking of anything other than each other’s butts. Like, I get the desire for sexual tension, but I believe that the writer’s adage ‘show, don’t tell’ applies here. I know they totally dig each other. I know. You could, perhaps, put them in situations that show these emotions instead of just reminding me each issue. Whatevs.


But wait just a god damned minute! When we go back to take a look at the events leading to the fight with Mimic, we see that while Jean has been away, she’s been getting rather friendly with some dude bro! Jean, you harlot!


So meanwhile, Professor X is freaking out about the latest ‘greatest threat evar’ and he’s mentally scouring the globe looking for recruits. We see Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch again, which is fun. However, they’re too busy playing with a bird or something to be of any help.


Hank and Bobby run across Spider-man (I was all like ‘FUCK YES SPIDER-MAN’), but he’s in a jerky mood and can’t be bothered to help out those weird mutant kinds in their weird yellow spandex costumes.


So, the X-Men all meet up, and run across ol’ Calvin Rankin, the Mimic, who has recently regained his powers by causing an explosion in the science building at Jean’s school. Unbeknownst to them, they are being watched by some second-rate villain who looks exactly like he’s Professor X’s evil twin or something. He’s the Puppet Master, and I’m honestly not sure if he’s the foretold ‘greatest threat evar’ or if Xavier’s predictions concern whoever they’re gonna fight next. It probably doesn’t matter, because every single problem seems to be the the greatest threat evar anyway.


And then, what the hell? Xavier announces that because Scott is such a bitch, that Calvin is gonna be leading the team for a while. See Scott, that’s what you get for your ‘cry for help’ threats of leaving the team. You get replaced, bitch! Of course, right at this moment the Puppet Master seizes control of the Mimic and the brawl that the issue began with ensues. Afterwards, they track down the Puppet Master and kick him around a bit. Mimic is left wondering what he’s gonna do with himself, but I happen to know from looking at the next couple of covers that he’s gonna be hanging out for a bit, which should be fun.

Next: The God Damned Banshee! WOW! I didn’t really expect to see him this early.


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  1. There were so many characters in this issue! It seemed like every time I turned the page someone new was brought in. It was like a holiday special or a house party. Also, I’ve been interested in the Puppet Master since I was a kid, and this is the first time I’ve ever actually read a story with him in it. Radioactive clay? Awesome! I was probably as excited to see him as you were to see Spiderman. Speaking of, this is Spiderman’s first appearance in an X-Men comic, and the first of many I hope. It’s too bad his appearance was so brief.

    Also, the last issue left off with a cliffhanger, where Warren had accused Scott of trying to kill him. That’s a pretty serious accusation, and yet here it is almost immediately brushed off. I guess it’s good to have a telepath around who can tell when you are lying.

    So now Mimic is part of the X-Men, a move that I definitely did not see coming. Lets see how long it lasts. He really would be a great member. Not only would he have all the powers of the X-Men, but also any mutant that they fight. Imagine Mimic, beside the X-Men, fighting Magneto. He would be unstoppable. Now imagine if they were fighting the entire brotherhood.

    On a side note, what do you think would happen if Mimic touched Rogue?

  2. You know your team stinks when Peter Parker thinks you’re too much of a dweeb to hang out with him…

    • And even Pietro was too busy to hang out with them! He and his sister were basically born to be X-Men, and they certainly owe the X-Men a favor for, oh I don’t know… trying to fucking kill them a few times. And they just go and sign up to be Avengers? I thought this was a shit move on their part.

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