Yet Again, The Greatest Threat Ever

This time, the Greatest Threat Evar comes in the form of Calvin Rankin, the Mimic, and boy oh boy is this guy a class act.

So we re-join Hank and Bobby, as well as their hot dates, just after leaving the library, and, as is to be expected (I guess), not even an hour into their little vacation they get into a fight. Up comes Calvin, who can’t seem to understand that just because a girl helps you find some books about mine engineering doesn’t mean that she wants to touch. Just a classic douchebag.

And also, a douchebag with memory problems. After his first fight with Hank and Bobby, Calvin is outraged when he suddenly remembers that his power has a limited range. Doesn’t really seem like something you’d just momentarily forget about. He also makes sure to mention this weakness about five or six more times throughout the issue, and manages to forget about it again at least once or twice more.

Just look at this guy. They really went overboard trying to make the reader hate this guy. I just love that, of all the things Jean could do to him, the first thing she thinks of is throwing him in a stew. Kind of a strange thought.

And here we have his first meeting with Professor X. The Prof’s first thought is that, since Calvin’s brain is just as powerful as his, he’s probably the greatest danger they’ve ever faced. Obviously, no one should be as smart as Professor X. If they are, they’re a threat. We’ll just file this one in the ever-growing ‘Professor X is a Jerk’ file.


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