Origins: Cyclops


At the end of issue 42, we get another installment in the origin of Cyclops. Jack O’ Diamonds meets his fate, but more importantly we get to see Scott Summers don his uniform and iconic visor for the first time!

I’m going to blame the entire reason why I haven’t posted for six months on Jack O’ Diamonds. I can’t wait for this story to be over, so much that I think maybe I’ve been avoiding having to read even just a few more pages of this boring guy. He’s so indicative of why Roy Thomas sucks. He has no personality, no motive, no history or development, just an unexplained need to do evil.


Before long the Professor has shot him with a gigantic ray gun and he’s gone. Don’t ask how, just be glad it happened. After the battle, the Xavier invites Scott back to his estate, no… school… honestly… with no other students… not creepy. I swear. Scott is to be the first member of this man’s strange superhero team.


The best part of this entire issue is when Scott is seen trying out his visor for the first time.


He gets the timing down and in no time at all he’s free to start sulking and moaning again. Poor Scott Summers. Even happy endings get him down. I guess this isn’t really an ending though, since his story is apparently continuing in the next issue. Enough already! He was Scott Summers, mopey orphan, and now he’s Cyclops, mopey superhero. Lets not drag this out.


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