Origins: The Living Diamond


These Origin stories that have been in the back of the last few issues have been some of the more interesting stories these comics have given us recently. Unfortunately, this segment is pretty unnecessary. Jack O’Diamonds gets his wish and fully becomes the ugly man version of Emma Frost.


When we left off, Jack and Scott were breaking into some sort of industrial building, and Charles Xavier was intervening. Jack throws a steel beam at Charles and there is a barrage of damage and debris. They assume that Charles is dead and they leave. Scott starts to figure out that Jack isn’t a very good friend. He killed a feeble old man, and he freely admits to using Scott for his eye beams. Jack has only one thing on his mind, and that is power. He still assumes that if he absorbs more radiation, his powers will increase.


He does exactly that and, well… his powers increase. He was right after all. His body collects the energy and soon his entire body is covered by diamond. Before Jack reminded me a lot of a James Bond villain, with his diamond hands. Now he’s sort of a Disco Collosus, and a decade too early.


Outside, Scott hides in the bushes like a chump. He “saves” the police by eye blasting the shit out of them, and Professor X has to step in. They hit it off immediately.

When these Origin stories began I figured we’d get one segment for each team member. Instead it’s become the story of Scott Summers running away from an orphanage. Now I hope we finally switch from Scott and get some origins for other characters. I’d particularly like to see how Charles met Henry, and some more early interactions with Warren and his parents. We’ll probably have to wait though, because Jack O’Diamonds is far from finished. He’s just getting started.


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