What’s the Deal with Juggernaut?

In the early 2000s, when I started picking up comics on a regular basis again after several years of indifference, Juggernaut was a member of the X-Men. Well, he never really becomes an official member of either team, but when he inquires about it, Havoc pretty much says, “You got it, bro.” He’s also living at the Xavier Institute and sleeping with She Hulk, which is fairly hysterical. But, he’s not a mutant, so should he really be on one of the X-teams? If he’s not a mutant, why does he set off cerebro? What’s the deal with his crimson armbands? And did I just see Colossus wearing his helmet during AvX.

Cain Marko is, as most of us know, the bullyish step-brother of Charles Xavier.  While they are both deployed in Korea during the Korean War, Cain stumbles into an ancient temple and finds the gem of Cyttorak, which betows upon him the powers of the crimson armbands of Cyttorak and turns him into the unstoppable Juggernaut. As it turns out, he is only the latest in a long line of Juggernauts, who have been fighting each other for the powers of the gem for thousands of years. Cyttorak is one of eight big demonic baddies, and the bearer of the gem is his avatar on Earth. It’s also worth making note that spooky guy Doctor Strange is known occasionally call upon the powers of the eight big demonic baddies, and can draw on the powers of the Cyttorak bands, which he uses to a somewhat inverse degree, immobilizing his enemies. Their shared connection to the demon causes Juggernaut and Doctor Strange to end up in more than a handful of misadventures together throughout the years, as we’ll see.

So he’s not a mutant at all, but in X-Men #11, when he first approaches the school in the end of the issue, Cerebro stars going totally bonkers. Cerebro is freaking out and making so much noise in fact, that everyone other than Scott finds out that Cerebro exists for the first time, a secret that the good professor had been keeping from them for no reason, as per usual (jerk). My only real thought about this is that that early on, a lot of things in the universe weren’t really concrete yet, and Cerebro was pretty much just a villain-detecting machine, a plot device.

Another thing worth mentioning is that in the movies, Juggernaut is a mutant. Ed was telling me yesterday that many comic book people were in an uproar when X-Men 3 came out, because this is contradictory to the books. The only thing I remember people saying about him when that movie came out involved an internet video about the cartoon version of him threatening to sexually assault some people. The movie famously snagged a line from that video, “I’m the Juggernaut, bitch!”
I personally do not like the film’s design for the guy at all. What is this weird harness? and why does his helmet look like it’s made out of concrete? Bleh.

And yes, Colossus is wearing Juggernaut’s helmet in the beginning of AvX, because at that point, Colossus is the Juggernaut, being the currently favored champion of Cyttorak, after he defeated Cain in a recent storyline.

So that, mostly, is the deal with Juggernaut. The real question in my mind however, is this:

If the Juggernaut can not be stopped, and the Blob cannot be moved, what happens if the Juggernaut, while in motion, finds the Blob in his path? Maybe we’ll find out eventually.



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