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The Gang Gets Bohemian

IMG_0184 Now that they’ve graduated and the old man is out of town for the night, the X-Men decide to finally go out and have some fun. This is their big night to laugh, drink, dance, and be teenagers. It’s immediately obvious why Cyclops was chosen to be the team leader. He has no idea how to have any sort of fun. He stays behind to “look after things” which probably means he’s going to sit in the cerebro room all night like a lameass.

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Issue #1


I just finished reading issue #1 and there is really a lot to talk about in this comic. Right from the start the scene is set with Professor X and his X-Men training in the Charles Xavier School for Gifted Youth. Angel, Cyclops, Beast, and Iceman are facing various exercises and obstacles under the mental commands of the Professor.

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