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Into the Crimson Cosmos!


Issue 33 picks up with Juggernaut trampling through a forest, on his way to an airbase. He is trying to steal a flight to Europe, so that he can meet up with his new friends, the mysterious Factor Three. Another Marvel hero makes his first X-Men appearance, and we learn more about the mysterious Cyttorak demon.

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El Tigre and the Ego


We don’t have any new mutants yet, but we do have a villain with some real powers. Issues 25 and 26 tell the story of El Tigre, an infamous treasure hunter who plundered tombs and riches across the world. He is in South America hunting for a treasure left behind by the Mayans. What he finds will grant him the power to become the all powerful Kukulcan, an ancient Mayan god. However, it will come with a price.

Meanwhile, things between Jean and Scott are heating up. The two of them continue to fawn over each other, and yet somehow no one is more of a little girl than Warren Worthington III. His jealousy and arrogance will cause him to do something that could tear the group apart. These issues are filled with drama and adventure, and I enjoyed them far more than most of the recent episodic revolving villains.

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Professor Robot Legs


Being that this comic is largely about teenagers, it makes sense that we are constantly dealing with their adolescent insecurities, doubts, and mixed emotions. They’re kids. Scott, Jean, and Warren have a love triangle going on, Scott and warren are both ashamed and/or frightened of their mutant powers, and Bobby is always doing goofy shit. Henry is the most adult of the bunch, but even he likes to kick back with the drugged out hooligans down in Greenwich Village. This comic has been dealing with their problems so much that we’ve barely noticed Xavier’s own heartache and frustration. Being the adult, he deliberately chooses not to burden his students with his desire to walk again. It seems that what has been kept bottled up will inspire…


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Plague of The Locust


Issue 24 gives us yet another new villain for the X-Men to face, The Locust. The X-Men will have to battle giant, carnivorous insects! Like most of our last group of evil doers, The Locust is merely a normal human, a masked weirdo who uses gadgets and science to do incredible things. He has no actual power. I hope cerebro turns up a few new mutants soon because these guys have been a little dopey. Anyway, lets see what this one has to offer us.

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Have a seat, Charles.

This is it. This is the moment we’ve been waiting for. We’re finally going to hear the story of how Professor Charles Xavier was paralyzed. One of the most powerful, most respected, and most beloved characters in the Marvel universe was robbed of his ability to walk before we ever met him. We know from Issue 9 that Lucifer was responsible. Now we get to see how…

Who is Cain Marko?

Up until this point, nearly every issue of X-Men has promised that the next issue’s villain would be more menacing and more terrifying than anything we’ve seen yet. So far this hasn’t happened. It’s not that X-Men doesn’t have a ton of great villains, it’s just so hard to top Magneto. He was introduced in the first issue and I have yet to see a villain that can live up to him. Unus, Vanisher, and Lucifer left a little to be desired. Blob and the Brotherhood were very entertaining, but they’re no Magneto.

Finally issue 12 is making good on that promise. The X-Men are going to face their biggest challenge yet. The Juggernaut. This is easily their most dangerous battle so far, but first, who is Cain Marko?

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Xavier is out for Revenge/Meet the Avengers


Two really big things happen in issue #9. First, the X-Men are going to meet (and fight) The Avengers for the very first time. The teenagers get to play with the big boys. Meanwhile, Professor X is going to have a showdown with Lucifer. Who is Lucifer? I have no idea. I only know that he is the person who broke Professor Charles Xavier’s back. That alone is enough to make him a legend in the Marvel universe, and he should appreciate that because he really doesn’t have much else going for him. Read the rest of this entry

A New Leader is Chosen


And what would a festive celebration be without a lot of unnecessary drama? Apparently Professor X feels the need to rain on their parade, as he announces on Graduation Day that he is taking a leave of absence from the X-Men. Granted this is coming from the same guy who just lied to us about losing his powers, but we’ll play along.

In his absence, Xavier decides to choose a team leader, who will be in charge of the team while he is gone. Well if you thought Iceman you were wrong.

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Graduation Day

IMG_0175 copy

There is a lot going on in issue #7 that I want to talk about, and the first big thing is the X-Men’s graduation day. Cyclops, Angel, Beast, Marvel Girl, and Iceman are all getting their diploma’s from Charles Xavier’s School of Hard Knocks. This is really a huge early milestone in X-Men history, being the first of many graduating classes. I don’t really know what it means to graduate from this school since they apparently keep attending for about 538 more issues, but what the hell. It’s their big day.

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You Just Can’t Win with this Guy

profxJust look at him grinning and puffing away while giddily explaining that he was just faking sick while a bunch of teenagers were out in space getting their asses kicked.