Blast In, Blast Out


The X-Men recently had an encounter with the Juggernaut that was completely random and pointless. Cain Marko had been trapped in some strange reality when suddenly he was transported to the mansion. He broke everything, hurt everyone, and then just as suddenly he transported back to that strange reality. Now the same damn thing is about to happen again, so lets get ready to rumble. However this time it is a new enemy, Blastaar! Lets see how the X-Men perform when up against this cosmic creature.


The team seems to have all stayed together after their fight with Magneto. There really is nothing like a common enemy to bring people together. The X-Men are back in the mansion, where they should be. On this particular evening, Scott, Jean, and Hank are in the Professor’s lab, tinkering with some of his inventions. Seems safe right? What harm ever came to them because of one of these infernal contraptions? It’s not like anything here has the ability to summon monsters. Lets push buttons.

Jean is attempting to radio her consciousness out into space. Why? I have no idea. I don’t think they even know. They’re teenagers who have been left alone with an array of state of the art technology designed to manipulate various scientific oddities and facets of the multiverse. And they’re all probably drunk. I’d be drunk.

The machine blows up and Jean is nearly killed but not actually hurt in any way? Are you surprised? The machine overloaded, but they have no idea what consequences will follow.

Meanwhile, Blastaar floats through the endless void of the Negative Zone, boasting to no one about how he will some day return to Earth and destroy it. No doubt he was put here by Reed Richards or some similar Marvel hero. Blastaar runs into the Fantastic Four pretty often.


And then somehow he is transported right into the Xavier Mansion, furious and ready for a fight. A huge fight erupts, during which Blastaar dishes out a lot of pain.


He seems to have the upper hand until some water, some of Bobby’s melted ice, causes a short out in the equipment. Blastaar seems to have been destroyed by the electric current, but I’d bet money he was transported right back to the Negative Zone.

This issue is dull, all action and no story. It has no reason to exist, other than to fill space until the next story arc. There isn’t even a story here, as it is all either action or dialogue that merely serves as an excuse for the action. I haven’t read very much Fantastic Four, and what I know about Blastaar is limited. I sure didn’t learn anything more about him here. At least the villains have been more interesting than most of the monster-of-the-month characters we’ve gotten, but they could at least have a purpose. This was a waste, and the issue’s saving grace the conclusion of Beast’s origin story found in the back pages.

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