While Hank and Bobby are battling Merlin back in New York, Scott and Jean are soaking in the sunshine of Hollywood, California. Jean is creating quite a buzz as a swimsuit model, posing for the cameras and breaking hearts wherever she goes. The two of them are actually having a pretty nice vacation, but how long can it last? Will issue 48 be the first time anyone’s been able to have some relaxing time off in this comic?


The answer is no. Jean may be relaxing, but Scott is still very much on the job. This mopey, bitter, high strung jerk is constantly on guard, if not for his life than for Jean’s honor. There’s a guy trying to put the moves on Jean, and I’ll admit it is creepy. It feels like some sleazy Hollywood producer is trying to get her on his casting couch. However, I’m pretty sure Jean Grey can handle herself with more tact than her idiot boyfriend. Scott immediately lunges at the guy, grabs his tie, and goes to punch him.

Although to be honest, Jean isn’t really relaxing much either. The modeling career is just a cover for her to remain so far from her parents. The entire time she’s just worrying about the X-Men and longing for better days. I think back now of issues where the whole team would be practicing in the Danger Room, the Professor looking on. Those were innocent times. We see just how little Jean has removed herself from her superhero role when a light fixture almost falls on someone. She uses her telekinetic power to stop it, and the people around call her a good luck charm.


Meanwhile, some super computer named Computo (seriously) is hidden away somewhere, scheming and watching. What the hell is this thing? What am I even looking at? Is that a robot incubator? It looks like this thing is growing robots as if they were organic material. The structure of it absolutely puzzles me. Do they drop out the bottom like gumballs?


Three of those robots are activated and sent out to retrieve some important item. They spring from a trailer truck and attack just as Scott and Jean are walking nearby. How convenient! It’s actually kind of amusing, because the issue wastes time explaining how Scott has been working in broadcasting so that he can keep his ear to the ground, know what’s going on while remaining undercover. Then they have them coincidentally run into these robots. It’s reminiscent of cerebro, how the Professor went through all the trouble to build Cerebro and yet they usually find new mutants by watching the nightly news.  They all go at it and it doesn’t take long for Scott and Jean to dispatch these stupid henchman.


Next they track them down to their hideout, which is buried under a quarry. Is it wise to put an underground secret lair in a spot where people go digging every day? Lets not think about it too much. Scott and Jean are having an adventure together and that rules.

I bet you can guess what happens next. Scott and Jean are confronted with dozens of robots, and they destroy every single one. There isn’t much to it, but then a hidden for emerges from the wreckage. There was someone behind this plot the whole time. Computo is a sad ripoff of Mastermold and the Sentinels, so I wasn’t disappointed to see that it was all just a facade for another monster.


I was, however, very surprised to see who it was. Who built a giant super computer and programmed it to build an army of robots, in an underground lair in Hollywood? Quasimodo! The hunchback of Notre Dame, the guy who rings the bells and walks funny and couldn’t possibly pull this off. Got it.

I’ve never read a Marvel comic with Quasimodo in it. From what I gather they were as liberal with his back story as they were with Frankenstein. Here he looks like a He-Man character who’s been left out in the sun too long.

This issue didn’t have anything of any importance going on, and the story was derivative. Still, it’s always nice to see Scott and Jean having an adventure together. These two love birds make a great team, both romantically and heroically. Plus I really like these costumes on them, and they look better when they’re not standing next to Hank and Warren. Their costumes suck.


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