Ice Man Explained


Issue 47 ends with another vignette, this time exploring the powers and abilities of Bobby Drake, the Professor’s sub-zero student. These are really fun to read, and clear up a lot of questions I’m sure their early readers had. We know he ices up and creates ice, but to what extent? Is he solid ice or coated? What are his limits? Lets find out what Ice Man can do.



First we go over a lot of fun things he can do, things that we’ve seen before so I won’t bother to repost. He makes ice slides that can transport him over obstacles. He can throw snowballs. He can make ice boomerangs. He can make ice walls for defense.  He can make ice ladders and even ice mountains to climb. So where does all of this ice come from? Why from all around us, of course. (Thanks Dr. Wizard.) Bobby uses moisture in the atmosphere around him to create ice and snow. We’ve seen him use puddles and whatnot, but there’s a lot going on that we don’t see.


Also, he apparently needs to take all of his clothes off first or he suffers from “instant over-exposure.” His clothes will instantly freeze and shatter. This explains him always stripping down to his booties, but I still feel like it’s a line he came up with to impress Zelda. Or maybe it’s Vera. I can’t remember who goes with who, and figuring how their dates always go I bet the girls get confused too. Bobby is always so busy being the life of the party, with tricks like freezing isolated parts of his body. That also sounds like a line he’s used on Zelda… Vera… whatever.


So now we know where all the ice comes from, but how does it turn into ice? Bobby doesn’t want to get technical about it, even though this little vignette is really the perfect place for it, so lets just say that he can make special use of a certain part of the brain that automatically controls body temperature. So while most of us sweat and contract muscles and whatnot to create minimal changes in body temperature, Bobby can go so far as to freeze moisture around him. Got it? Good. That’s as deep as he’s going with it.

I’ve always wondered whether or not Bobby became covered in ice or if he became solid ice. I was once told that he is first ice covered but becomes solid down the road as he mutates further. Does anyone know? We’ll have to wait and see because they definitely don’t mention it here. However, from his explanation of pulling in moisture from the air I’ll assume for now that it’s a coating.


He does take the time to ponder what would happen if he went into space. Without an atmosphere, he wouldn’t have any moisture to pull from. He couldn’t ice up and couldn’t create anything. His powers would probably be useless. His good friend the Human Torch would have a similar problem without any oxygen to fuel his flames. So does that answer all of your questions? No? Stop asking so many questions, nerd.



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