Cyclops Explained


The origin stories that have been showing up in the back of these issues have become a bit of a drag lately, so it’s refreshing that this issue takes a break to tell us more about Scott’s super power. This section answers many fan questions about how his optic blast works. Let’s get a deeper understanding of what this guy can do.


First we find out the source of his power, and no surprise, it’s the sun. His eyes act as solar panels, sucking up energy and storing it. His eyes refocus this energy and send it out in blasts.


It’s even explained that his eyes collect small amounts of solar power when his eyes are closed, and even at night. The only thing that can keep this power at bay? Ruby quartz. Why? Stan admits that he doesn’t even know why, but he’ll let us know when he figures it out. Sometimes I love how casual Marvel comics were back then.

Scott’s eyes store energy like batteries, but like batteries that power can be depleted. If he overuses his ability, it will mentally and physically weaken him. This is a major vulnerability in battle. However, Scott is getting stronger and so is his super power. As he does, he becomes capable of storing more power. His blast gets stronger and his power drains slower.


To answer another fan question,his blasts give off force, but not heat. This is in stark contrast with Superman’s heat vision. Heat is helpful, but this does offer it’s own advantages. Scott can use his power to stop objects, even from overhead, without destroying them. He can send objects back in the other direction as well. In addition, his blasts weaken as they travel over far distances, up to several hundred yards.


Another mystery revealed, we see how Scott is able to use his ability without touching the button on the side of his visor. It turns out Professor X built a second switch into the palm of his glove, allowing him to fire blasts similar to how Spider-Man shoots webs.

This segment ends by assuring us that Scott is a formidable opponent even without his optic blast ability. And if we want to know if his blast could stop a hero like Thor or the Hulk, we’ll just have to wait and see. They’re bound to meet at some point.


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  1. Astonishing Dave

    I was watching X2 on like, TNT maybe? And they had these little blurbs and factoids running on the bottom of the screen. One of them explained that Cyclops’s eye beams were force blasts, not heat, but then went on to say that his power supply was infinite! Clearly, they were mistaken.

    Also, in 2003 or so he gets really drunk with wolverine and the next day, while hungover, he loses his power altogether. That was pretty cool.

    • Indeed they were wrong. Perhaps they meant to say that his power was self-charging, instead of needing web cartridges or something like that?

      I’m really enjoying the problems that Scott is currently having with his powers, especially in the most recent Uncanny X-Men. He destroyed an entire city block and probably killed a lot of people. I bet he’ll mope about it.

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