The Old School is New Again


I was recently watching X-Men First Class and I noticed something for the first time (I think). At the very end of the film, Magneto is sporting his old school helmet from the 60s, with the silly crescent over his brow that looks like some sort of insect. It was a really nice finishing touch on what was an excellent film.

I wonder what helmet he’ll have next summer.


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  1. Well since X-men last stand, I don’t liked very much the movies. The worst Emma Frost changing her clothes to diamond form wtf!

    • Meh. You’re right but to me that’s minor. Origins actually got it right and Emma Frost became diamond underneath her clothes. Still, Origins and Last Stand got so many things wrong that First Class felt like a breath of fresh air.

      After Last Stand, Origins, Spiderman 3, and Ghost Rider were all so terrible, I actually gave up on Marvel movies for a while. Iron Man seemed to be the only thing was working, and that was due to RDJ and how a character like Iron Man naturally transitions to Hollywood very well.

      In 2011 I skipped First Class, Captain America, and Thor, sure that none of them would really be any good. Now I don’t think I could have been more wrong. I loved all three of them.

      When Avengers came out I was there opening night, and have been for every one since. Now I’m really hoping that Ghost Rider, Punisher, and Daredevil each get another chance on the big screen.

    • Astonishing Dave

      The xmen movies are hit or miss, and the fact that Emma’s clothes change to diamond just feels like someone got lazy, but still, first class is awesome. Up there with 1 & 2 as a just a great a film overall.

  2. Definitely the best X-Men movie. Not a “Wolverine and his Amazing Friends” movie. An actual, honest to goodness X-Men movie. I just wish it was a reboot so that we could have some A-list X-Men/Brotherhood Members instead of the leftovers from the first four movies.

    (Although it was awesome finally seeing Banchee.)

    • I guess things happen for a reason. How else would we ever had seen Banshee or Havoc or Azazel on screen? I’m really enjoying the movies having their own universe.

      Now lets hope Days of Future Past can right what has been broken.

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