The Gang Gets Ugly


At the end of issue 39, the team once again gets new uniforms. They’re very colorful and I guess they’re indicative of the time period, but man… this team is a fashion disaster. The blue and gold motif is gone and instead the team is a mess of primary colors. This was an attempt to make them each look more distinct, but they end up looking pretty stupid.


Again they were designed by Jean and again Bobby just looks like ice. (New boots!) Again the new costumes are uglier than what they already had and again the only person with any improvement is Marvel Girl. Now she’s wearing a little green cocktail dress, a lower neckline, and a push-up bra. That will be helpful because if there’s anything she doesn’t get enough of its attention from men. Cyclops looks good enough, but not any better than he already did. Beast and Angel look absolutely ridiculous. I feel particularly bad for Angel because I feel like he can only be wearing that awful get up because he’s too polite to tell Jean that she is blind. The yellow shirt and those red suspenders…  Here I thought she was just color blind when it turns out she’s actually blind. You could rip her eyes out and eat them and she couldn’t be more blind. Beast has a bit more trouble feigning his enthusiasm for the new outfits. I can see why because he looks like a second rate Factor Three villain.


At the end of the issue, we get some really great foreshadowing of Beast. I guess Hank should be lucky he doesn’t have blue fur and a curly tail. That would be just horrible. Could you imagine?

I was pretty let down, and not only because of the stupid new outfits. Banshee was standing next to Charles the entire time and there’s no new outfit for him. I keep hoping that he’ll join the X-Men full time. Banshee rules.


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