Origins: Scott Summers


The last part of issue 39 that I want to mention is a continuation of the X-Men Origins story that began the prior month. This segment picks up right where the last left off, following Scott Summers as he flees his orphanage home. He was just responsible for outing the mutant race in public and on camera, and now an angry mob is chasing him down. Good job, four eyes. Scott runs from the mob and makes his escape in a freight train, skipping town like a hobo. With his preppy sweater and bowtie he’s sure to fit right in.


Meanwhile, Professor X is looking for this mysterious mutant who made an ass of himself on television. He gets a lead that the guy’s optometrist had reported Scott Summers as a possible mutant. Scott thought an optometrist could help? That’s like Wolverine seeking out a chiropractor. When Charles visits the doctor’s office, he learns that ruby quartz is the only thing that seems to stop his optic blasts. It’s a good thing this optometrist had a spare pair of priceless ruby quartz glasses just lying around to give him.


Meanwhile, once he’s gotten far enough away from the city Scott jumps the train and smells food. He finds a group of actual hobos around a campfire in the woods, and tries to fit in. He doesn’t. Scott practically has “privileged white kid” stamped on his forehead. Right away these goons try to shake him down for his lunch money, and they threaten to take off his ruby glasses.


Before they inadvertently get their stupid hobo faces blasted off, the fuzz shows up. It seems that Scott is saved, but he meets the description of the missing kid from the orphanage the next town over. Now Scott’s being wrestled to the ground by the second group of men this evening, and guess what happens. His fucking glasses fall off. Scott is zapping everything in sight and the cops flee. It’s also made pretty clear that Scott’s beams can’t affect him, even when he’s hit square in the gut. Good thing.


After making his escape, Scott finds a small cabin in the woods. There’s a strange voice beckoning him closer, and Scott enters. Inside, he meets none other than the world’s first evil mutant. Who is it? Magneto? Count Nefaria? Someone we haven’t even met? Right now we only see the back of his head, but he meets the description of several “grumpy old man” villains. We’ll find out in the next Origins segment.


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