Origins: Professor X


After we are left with a doomsday cliffhanger, issue 38 shifts to another segment, the secret origins of the X-Men! It is the story of how the team came to be, and what caused the Professor to meddle in the affairs of humans and mutants alike. We find out how the “mutant problem” began, and how one person laid the groundwork to form a team of superheroes that would rival the likes of the Fantastic Four and the Avengers.


It starts with television. Remember back to the early comics just how many problems and scenarios came about by the gang watching television? It just keeps causing trouble.

The year is 1963, and Charles Xavier is living as some sort of Willy Wonka recluse in his luxurious New York estate. It seems he rarely leaves his home, and the paperboy is even afraid to get close. That changes one day when Charles sees the news.


There has been an incident of a mutant spotted in public, and more importantly, caught on camera. It seems that up until this point there wasn’t an official answer as to whether mutants even existed, and the public perhaps thought they might be a myth. It was only a few years ago that many people finally started believing in giant squids and homosexuals, so it seems plausible. These are the years where many babyboomers, born under the shadow of a mushroom cloud, were reaching adulthood. Now that they are reaching maturity, their powers are becoming more pronounced and more difficult to keep a secret. It was only a matter of time until one of them outed their entire race.

And who is it that finally gets spotted? Who is the bumbling mutant who went and got caught on camera and had to ruin it for everyone? Of course it’s fucking Scott Summers. His god damn glasses fell off. Again. Can someone please get him a headband for those things? He nearly killed a bunch of people and that stuff tends to piss people off. Scott Summers and his accident-prone self pretty much just sparked an ongoing cold war that will intensify and turn tragic in later years. It’s no wonder now why the guy is always so down on himself and blaming his powers for so many of his troubles. All he needs to do is keep his friggin glasses on. He had one job.


When Charles sees the photos on television, he feels called to action. His powers and his wealth are immense, and he feels that he could bring about a peaceful resolution. Xavier heads to Washington to reveal himself and gain some sort of contact with the US government.


As he prepares for his trip, we learn a little more about what drives him. As it turns out, Charles has in fact been a recluse, and for quite some time. It sounds like he’s pretty much been home bound since he returned home from the Korean War. After the tragic events that befell his brother, Cain Marko, Charles has been living in isolation, punishing himself for what was beyond his control. He realizes now that he has made his home a prison, and he must try to do some good for the world.


So he runs off wheels off to Washington DC, hoping to gain an audience with someone of authority. He uses his mind control to make his way past the guards, years before Obi-Wan Kenobi would totally cramp his style.


Inside whatever building this is supposed to be, two agents (FBI?) named Fred and Bill are reviewing film footage of the Scott Summers incident. They even state that this is the first clue that mutants even exist, so we know that the US government is really behind on their intelligence.

They take notice of how the crowd reacts so violently towards the mutant, and how quickly it happens. Worried about mob rule and widespread panic, the two agents are at a loss.


Charles decides to burst in and introduce himself. Being that he is trespassing in a government building, guns are soon drawn. It is of course to no effect, as Charles freezes them in place. He explains who he is and the extent of his powers, and that he means them no harm. he asks for their help in finding a peaceful coexistence between humans and mutants.


With no other choice but to oblige, the two agents agree to work together. The plan is that Charles will use Cerebro to locate mutants and befriend them. Perhaps being approached by one of their own kind, and one as powerful as Charles, will prevent any of them from lashing out and harming anyone. They agree to give this old man all of their classified info, which I’m sure is something that agents do all the time.

Fred and Bill will go on to work with Charles for a bit, sharing info and defusing situations. Stan makes note that they showed up for a moment in issue #2.

The story ends promising us that the origin of Cyclops is coming next month, so it looks like this will be an ongoing bonus for the next few issues.


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