Doomsday In Motion


After finding out who Factor Three really are, it is now clear that the situation is far worse than the X-Men ever imagined. Nothing less than the fate of entire world is at stake, as this evil group attempts to spark a nuclear winter. The X-Men will have to split up to stop an assassination and a nuclear strike on Moscow at the same time. The battle with Factor Three continues, as does the recent surge in writing quality.


The X-Men manage to flee the abandoned base of Factor Three by hijacking two of their flying saucers. They’re going to regroup at the school and use Cerebro to track where they will strike.


We get to see the Mutant Master and the Changeling discussing life after the end of the world, and it’s less than romantic. The two are bickering and Mutant Master is being an obsessive, dictating madman. He has some sort of ‘zap’ power that keeps the Changeling quaking in his boots. As the Mutant Master talks about the mutant race rising up and taking control, the Changeling starts to wonder if the Mutant Master is some sort of evil warlord. (He is.)


Once they’re back in the mansion, they quickly use Cerebro to locate the members of Factor Three. The team splits up, as Beast, Angel, and Marvel Girl travel beyond the iron curtain to stop a bombing attempt. Cyclops and Iceman are on route to an American military base, where Factor Three will attempt to fire nuclear missiles at Moscow.


As is to be expected, the soviets don’t exactly greet the three intruding mutants with open arms. They are considered spies and are attacked. Beast is captured and Angel and Marvel Girl run into Vanisher and the Blob.


Next the story cuts to the Changeling, who is having a conversation with Professor X. Apparently, the Professor isn’t completely unconscious and is trying to talk some sense into the his captor. Surely the Changeling can see that the Mutant Master will only enslave them all. Changeling rejects the notion, just as Mutant Master enters the room and starts ordering him around like an inferior.

Meanwhile, Cyclops and Iceman are demanding entrance to a high security military base after they were (big surprise) denied clearance. Scott is definitely being a lot more assertive and confident. Left with no other choice, he just decides to blast his way in. Cyclops has been a real badass in this story and it’s great. He doesn’t like something… he blasts it.


The Army fires back, and we get a really well drawn action scene where Cyclops and Iceman have to defend themselves from machine gun fire and it seems even fighter jets.


Back in Europe, two X-Men are about to face off against two very old foes. The Blob and Vanisher are easily subdued using the Vanisher’s own sleeping gas. He escapes in the end, but the Blob is left unconscious. However, the Red Army proves to be too much. It was too much for Napoleon and it’s too much for the X-Men. Angel and Marvel Girl are surrounded.


At the end of the issue, the three of them have failed to stop the bombing, and are locked in a russian prison cell. They’re unable to stop the end of the world, and what’s worse is the Blob is in there with them. Cyclops and Iceman are in the middle of a firefight, and the end of the world is still steadily approaching.


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  1. Hi, I created an FB page for Changeling:

    Hope you can like and promote it! People need to know more about him:D

    I also made these pages:

    • That’s great! I just followed all three. Nice work. I want to know more about him so I stop associating him with the Unicorn. And Cal Renkin, well obviously that guy needs his own page devoted to him.

      I can’t believe you made a FB page for Maggot. I’ve wanted to know more about him since I saw him listed on a “Worst X-Men Character” list. Just recently Dave gave me X-Men #76, the Tragic Origin of Maggot. I haven’t read it yet.

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