Scott’s a jerk too


Theses days, there is a sort of ‘telepathic honor system’ in place in the X-men universe. The Professor and Jean (when she’s around) and the other telepaths mostly shy away from reading people’s minds with out their permission, as well as doing things like, you know, erasing their memories. Back in the sixties tho, as we’ve seen, the good professor wouldn’t even think twice about using the old brain-fry on an enemy, and Scott, well, Scott isn’t even a telepath so the phrase ‘telepathic honor system’ definitely hasn’t occurred to him. Here we have him hooking up some burglars to cerebro and wiping their memories, which is certainly not something I’ve ever heard of cerebro doing.


Professor X is still kidnapped, and the bros finally have some ideas about where he is, but sadly, due to his long absence, they’re out of money. Even the X-plane, in another early appearance, is totally out of gas, so the gang heads to NYC to try to and scrounge up a quick 15 hundo.


Their first stop is, of course, is the welfare office, but when Warren slips up and lets their interviewer know that his parents are out living it up on an expensive cruise ship, they are told to GTFO.


Then, in one of the most ridiculous things we’ve seen these bozos do, Scott rides on Angel’s back and rivets some steel beams together with his (unusually precise) ocular blasts. However, they aren’t union members, so they can’t have jobs.


Then, while Iceman and Beast are performing some kind of carnival act in the park and panhandling, the others make friends with this dude, who very kindly offers them a ride. This dude, Tom Regal, is (spoiler alert) the villain of this issue, and he is on his way to reveal himself to the world and begin his crime spree, which is going to consist of smashing a library that was financed by his father. Tom Regal has got some seriously retarded daddy issues. Also, I’m pretty sure that if I was about to go on a crime spree, I wouldn’t be going around telling my full name to complete strangers and driving them directly to the scene of the crime so they can witness it.


The X-Men, of course, stop the bad man, who calls himself Mekano and has some metal legs or something equally as unimpressive. I’m tagging this post with ‘First Appearances’, even tho I have no idea if this bozo shows up again. The whole to-do is pretty much as pointless as their huge fight with Spider-man last issue, and just another delay on their overall objective of locating and saving the life of their teacher and mentor. However, Mekano’s father is so grateful to the team for beating up his useless son that he gladly hands them fifteen hundred dollars. And so, finally, the boys head to Europe.

Next time: Factor Three!


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  1. Yeah, this issue was pure filler. Roy Thomas’s first run on X-Men was filled with stuff like this. The fight with Spider-Man, the fight with Mole Man, all sorts of other stuff. It made for a very weak run. By the time the X-Men actually confronted Factor Three, all these digressions had made me sick of the whole thing, and I just wanted it over.

  2. It makes me really appreciate both of the two part Juggernaut stories they gave us. Juggernaut rules.

    Also, Mekano was so lame Dave didn’t even bother to include a picture of him. He looks sort of like one of He-Man’s friends, which is to say that he looks bad. It’s not worth the google search.

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