I am Warlock, Who Follow the Gleam


I mentioned earlier that in Magneto’s absence we’ve seen plenty of old man villains with great facial hair. Issue 30 continues that theme with the Warlock, an evil magician with an affection for Jean Grey. That continues another theme, which is everyone wanting to sex Jean. Unlike Scott, the Warlock has no problem with confidence. Lets see how successful he is.


The X-Men are attacked by a giant hand, and Jean is literally swept off her feet by some unknown force. She finds that she has been kidnapped, along with Xavier, and brought up into the clouds… or something. There’s some raving madman in the sky waving his arms at them.


Oh hey, it turns out that the man in the sky is just some douchebag who has the hots for Jean. He has nullified their powers, is still waving his arms, and is laying the moves on Marvel Girl. Mr. Romance.

He whisks them both away to some hidden fortress, where the Warlock seems to be building an army. He has a medieval castle with medieval guards who carry guns around. We see Angel in hot pursuit. Being the only team member who can fly, he was the only one who could follow.


Once the Warlock is on his home turf, he feels comfortable telling them who he is and how he got here. Apparently he is Merlin, the famous wizard of King Arthur’s round table nearly a thousand years prior. Also we discover that he has recently run into Thor and gotten his ass kicked.


The rest of the X-Men show up and there’s almost a fight, but quickly they are subdued. Warlock gives his best Magneto crazy face and suddenly their feet are all glued to the floor.


The Warlock decides to use the X-Men as entertainment for his citizens, thrusting them into a gladiator arena. Warlock overlooks the battle from a balcony, with Jean, his bride to be, by his side. Jean is hypnotized into going along with whatever he says. When the X-Men see their chance, they attack the balcony. Warlock tries to make an escape with Jean. As she sees her friends being attacked by the Warlock, Jean begins to break free of his telepathic grip.


It doesn’t take long for the X-Men to gain the upper hand. The Warlock is pretty lame. I would figure someone as experienced with magic as the great Merlin would have far more tricks up his sleeve. Instead he is defeated by Beast pulling his cloak over his head. How embarrassing. The guy waits hundreds of years just to wake up and be a complete jerk, and he just ends up looking like a complete ass. What a Namor.


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