X-Men vs. Cowboys

Oh no! The X-men are being attacked by a group of bounty hunting cowboys! This is sure to be an epic and danger-fraught encounter! And due to the extreme danger presented by a bunch of horse-riding, gun-toting dudes, our heroes don’t pull any punches.

Marvel Girl is a bit restrained, and uses the old ‘who turned out the lights’ trick, but Cyclops isn’t screwing around. I think he’s using some kind of psychological ploy, because at the very moment that he’s telling them to calm down, he’s also just blasting them.

In fact, he just blasts the ground they’re standing on until they all fall into a river. So much for calming down. He must really hate cowboys. Look at all of the dialog the misfortune ranchers are able to spit out as they plummet into the river. Maybe jean, the only one that doesn’t seem to have outright murder on her mind, is slowing their fall. With his cronies dispatched, the head honcho is still ready to come out guns blazing, until The Angel tackles him.

So what to do with this terrible man? Why, freeze him in a block of ice, sit him on his horse, and send him off. Not even saying anything about the survivability of having your core frozen in a block of ice, how does Bobby know that the horse is just gonna trot back home unguided. The cowboy boss probably ended up in a ravine with a smashed face, frozen to death, next to a thrashing horse with four broken legs.

Another epic victory for the X-Men! Hooray!


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