The X-Plane

Issue 20 ends with a minor milestone. As the X-Men race off to confront Lucifer, they do so in their brand new X-Plane. They don’t specifically call it that, but it’s a plane with a big X on it. The X-Men have used various types of aircraft so far, but this is the first real predecessor to the Blackbird jet they will have later on. It is the first vehicle they use that carries their logo and is mentioned as being in any way especially modified. Finally the team has an official mode of transportation and they can travel in style. Before we go further, lets look back at how they’ve been getting around so far…
The very first issue had the team take both a luxury car and a private jet to face Magneto.
The second issue gave us one of the goofiest transportation moments they will probably ever have. In order to sneak Iceman into the mansion safely and undetected, they stick him in the back of an ice cream truck. Is it any wonder Bobby feels like the little baby of the bunch?
Professor X has a wealth of fancy cars and aircraft.
They arrived in San Marco in style.
When the X-Men unknowingly rescued Toad, they showed up in a shiny convertible and quickly abandoned it for the subway.
How was this more practical than the remote controlled private jet? You’d probably think that this was in the Sub-Mariner issue. Nope!
This helicopter seems to show up often, even if it changes colors.

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