Magneto’s Crazy Face

Magneto comes back with a vengeance in issues 17 and 18. He manages to escape The Stranger and returns to Earth with a plot to kill the X-Men. One by one he traps them until only Iceman remains. Young Bobby Drake will need to face this lunatic alone. First, I want to take a moment to share Magneto’s amazing crazy face. His personality is extremely different in these early comics. He has yet to gain his tragic back story and complicated ideology. He just hates humans and the X-Men. In fact, the series still hasn’t mentioned that he has any history with Professor Xavier at all. Magneto is very much a Scooby-Doo villain in these comics, as he challenges those meddling kids the X-Men. Instead of cool and calculated, he is anxious and hotheaded. Here I have compiled all of his best crazy faces.Enjoy.

By the end of issue 18, Magneto is defeated, Bobby has proven himself a man, and the Stranger has returned to claim his prize. Magneto is once again kidnapped, stolen away to some distant planet. It could be a very long time before we see him again. I bet he and Toad aren’t talking.

UPDATE: To be fair though, Captain America has his own brand of Crazy Face…



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