Staff Shake Up

The first big changes to the X-Men staff are occurring during these recent issues. This is the staff of issue 11, and up until now Jack Kirby has done all the pencilling and Stan Lee has done all the writing. Now that is about to change, as some new talent is being brought in. The era of Lee and Kirby doing most of the work has ended sooner than I would have imagined.

Issue 12 brings in the first person to replace them, with pencilling by Alex Toth. Alex would only last an issue, but I have a feeling he may be drawing for us again. Apparently he’s done some stuff.

His style isn’t a drastic departure from Kirby, but it didn’t go unnoticed. I could tell right away that Jack Kirby didn’t draw this panel.

Issue 13 brings in Jay Gavin as penciller, and we’ll be sticking with him for a bit. I see less a difference between Gavin and Kirby.

Jack Kirby retained the title of “layouts” until issue 18. And now his name isn’t even listed as part of the staff! I was expecting to see him stick around longer. Perhaps he isn’t gone for good?

And finally, issue 20 brings us the first replacement for Stan Lee. Roy Thomas has been brought in to write, leaving Stan Lee as editor. Now I’m starting to wonder how long Stan Lee is going to stay as part of the editorial staff.
And during all of this, the people handling the inking and lettering change several times. I didn’t bother mentioning it because, well… I hear Metallica got a new bassist. Does anyone care? Of course not.

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