R.I.P. Bolivar Trask

Bolivar Trask, the inventor of the Sentinels, is responsible for more mutant suffering than probably any other human on Earth. Yet somehow I know almost nothing about him. He is the very first villain in the X-Men universe that we see perpetuating a universal hatred and distrust of mutants. He uses the media and the military-industrial complex to oppress a minority and move towards his final solution. Many will follow in his footsteps, most notably Senator Kelly, William Stryker, and Cameron Hodge. Many of these villains will even use the sentinels in their crusade to rid the world of mutants. Some will see varying success before they are eventually stopped, but Bolivar’s victory will be short lived.

Almost immediately after activating his Sentinels and debuting them on live television, Trask is kidnapped. Surprise! Those huge evil robots you invented are huge and evil! Much to his horror, he witnesses his creation spiral out of control. The sentinels were programmed to protect mankind and destroy mutants. Simple enough, right? They understand this to mean that they must enslave all humans for their own good. They are to be the new masters. To these beings, this is the only way to protect us. Bolivar Trask has seemingly doomed mankind.

As if a front row seat wasn’t enough, soon he is forced to actually play a role in this evil act. Mastermold, the lead Sentinel, forces Trask to help him build more robots. I’m not really sure what it is that Mastermold needs Trask to do, but it remind me a lot of what I saw in the movie Metropolis. Also, the sentinels give birth in what looks like a giant egg warmer.

At the last moment, Trask destroys the Sentinel warmer and saves the world. CLANG!

He dies remorseful, realizing the horror that he had created. I should point out that he only became remorseful when human lives were put in jeopardy, including his own. He died in only his third appearance, and seemed like a small man unable to comprehend the big consequences of his foolish actions.


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