Licking Ka-Zar and Reading Robot Minds

Okay so the Beast is going to lick some neanderthals and it seems, from context, that Ka-Zar is actually a neanderthal and not even a lowly homo sapiens. Suck it, Ka-Zar. It’s gonna be a rollicking day for the X-Men.

After licking some sub-humans, Hank takes Bobby out on a date at their favorite hip coffee house, and he is surprised to realize that Bernard the poet is speaking English for once. Also I guess that the girl in purple is some kind of mutant, because she is clearly using her special powers to melt that dude’s bongos.

We get a bit of the Beast’s back story, including him getting outed for using his powers on the football field. You would think that with an incident like this in his past, he wouldn’t immediately get right into using his powers in the wrestling ring that time when he left the X-Men, but some people just never learn.

And of course this happens. I mean, just god damn of course. Scott, you shouldn’t be allowed to leave the house. Who the hell put you in charge?

And I would just love to get a bit more of the scientific details about what’s going on here. Professor X scans the Master Mold’s thinking apparatus, which seems to be a bit of a stretch of his powers, but then, tragically, Master Mold zaps him with micro-electric anti-psychic rays. Okay. I guess.

But the Professor gets his revenge by airlifting in this giant crystal. I had no idea that the only weakness of the sentinels was giant crystals hanging from helicopters.


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