Behold the Juggernaut

Issue 12 was basically Juggernaut’s origin story being told while he breaks into the mansion. We don’t actually see the Juggernaut other than the cover and a silhouette of him approaching at the end. All of that was setting up the first epic battle between this classic super-villain and our faithful X-Men. Issue 13 is a total brawl, just one long fight with Juggernaut.

It takes everything they have to take this guy on. Individually, none of the X-Men stand a chance. They each take plenty of hits and make several attempts to stop him. The fight sequence feels a lot more modern than what I’ve seen so far. It’s starting to feel less Scooby-Doo and more like an actual struggle. The comic feels like it’s really starting to mature with issues 12 and 13. It’s obvious that Jack and Stan were finding better uses for their abilities.
I also want to point out that Juggernaut’s costume hasn’t really changed much since his first appearance. This is the same classic Juggernaut that I read about in the 1990s and saw on TV. The Blob is still the Blob, but today he isn’t drawn anything like he was in X-Men #3. Juggernaut has barely changed. The Juggernaut stays true to his roots. It also doesn’t seem like his powers have changed much over time. He was always unstoppable, where Jean, Scott, Bobby, and even Magneto and Scarlett Witch seem far less powerful and/or capable in these 60’s comics than they are today.
In fact, he’s so unstoppable that Xavier needs to call for help. He sends out a telepathic distress signal and we get to see a handful of Marvel superheroes in the nearby area pick it up, including Teen Brigade, Daredevil, and Johnny Storm. The X-Men come attack Juggernaut in waves, and they each take a beating. They try a few clever things that slow him down but don’t stop him, such as attacking the ground beneath him.
Meanwhile, Beast has a good idea and manages to trick Juggernaut into entering the Danger Room. With the X-Men pretty beat, they let the mansion attack him for a while. Juggernaut is knocked around like a toy.
This gives the Human Torch enough time to arrive, and with his help they finally defeat Juggernaut. The way they do it is 100% classic how-to-stop Juggernaut. First, The Human Torch blinds him. This is an age old way of taking down any giant. Attack his senses.
Once Juggernaut is distracted, Angel swoops down and rips off his helmet, which had been blocking Xavier’s telepathy. I know I’ve seen this happen before and now that I think of it I don’t know if I’ve ever seen anyone stop him any other way. This is your typical Juggernaut 1-2-3 punch.
With his helmet removed, Cain Marko is helpless to the effect of Xavier’s power. He is rendered harmless and captive. We have a very satisfying conclusion to what was a hell of a fight. And notice that Charles abandoned the albino rainbow beams for some more direct yellow power beams. Snazzy.
The team was beaten so badly that they’re all recovering in hospital beds. Except for Jean, who of course has to play the sexy nurse.

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