A Stranger Walks Among Us


The first appearances just keep on rolling. Issue 11 brings us the Stranger. He’s some old man who can walk on air and through walls and do who knows what else. And this time they don’t find him by watching TV. So far the villains we’ve seen have been a mixed bag, and I didn’t expect much out of this guy. I was pleasantly surprised.


Magneto and the Brotherhood try to recruit him first…


…but the Stranger proves to be more powerful than all of them.


It’s never revealed what exactly his powers are, but he seems to do a lot. Here he turns Mastermind into a statue to get rid of him. It becomes clear that whatever the limit of the Stranger’s power, he shows no sign of fear or doubt in the face of anything the Brotherhood is capable of.



Meanwhile out on the street, Cyclops has a goofy encounter with the police.


But they soon all find each other for a showdown. Will Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch finally wise up and ditch these losers before it’s too late?

20130223-230654.jpgSpoiler: Yes, they do.


And they’re so sick of violence that they turn down the X-Men’s offer to join them. I wonder when we’ll see them again.


Meanwhile, the Stranger reveals his true intentions. He never had any plans to join the Brotherhood, and he has no interest in conquering humans. He is no mutant. He is an alien from another world, and is far more powerful than Magneto suspected. He has also come to Earth to retrieve a mutant specimen to study. The Stranger decides that Magneto and Toad will do just fine, and soon they are gone. Abducted. Forever. I’m sure of it.


The issue ends with Xavier removing Magneto, Toad, and Mastermind from speed dial. I guess we won’t be seeing Magneto for a while. This is issue 11 and keep in mind that this is a bimonthly series. The X-Men have been fighting Magneto on and off for nearly two years. If Lee & Kirby are taking a break from the Brotherhood, then I can’t wait to see what they have in store for us. Lets hope it’s better than Ka-Zar and Unus.

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