Marvel Comics connected to ARGO?

Congratulations to Ben Affleck on last night’s Oscar win for Argo. Would anyone have predicted this a decade ago when he was giving us that awful Daredevil movie? His career has come a long way and he’s become a better director than he ever was an actor. I really enjoyed Argo.


What many people don’t know is that this once classified CIA rescue operation owes some of its success to Marvel Comics. And there are six people who partly owe their lives to the artwork of Jack Kirby. The Marvel Comics legend helped make the ARGO rescue mission possible.

Affleck’s character, CIA agent Tony Mendez, contacted Lester Siegel and John Chambers to create a fake film. A storyboard artist named Jack Kirby was brought in to work on the concept art. It was this concept art that helped to trick the Iranian government that these people were actually making a movie.

I discovered this story through

Although its unlikely that Kirby ever had any idea of the top secret mission or the imminent danger involved. Still, it’s nice knowing that our beloved comic book icon played a hand in a top secret CIA mission. Comics FTW.


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