Journey to the Savage Land


Ka-Zar sucks. I want to say that right from the start. He’s basically Marvel’s Tarzan. If this issue was just about the X-Men running into Tarzan, sorry… Ka-Zar, I wouldn’t even bother mentioning it. What’s far more significant about this issue is that this is the team’s first visit to the Savage Land.

The Savage Land is a fictional location in the Marvel universe, a lost world hidden away beneath Antarctica. There are dinosaurs and native tribes and pyramids and lots of awesome shit that’s a lot more interesting than Ka-Zar. The X-Men will go on to have plenty of adventures in this land that don’t involve him. Sadly, this one does.

20130223-230511.jpgAs we begin, the team is once again training hard. We see that Jean’s telekinesis is progressing rapidly. She’s gone to moving books to moving things through rings to now disassembling and reassembling firearms.


Before long, they’ve spotted another mutant. And once again it was by watching television and not with the specially designed super computer that they have that was made for locating mutants. Nope. Television.


Professor X comes up with another one of his famous excuses to sit this one out. I’ll give him a pass this time only because I’m still impressed that he went spelunking in a wheel chair.


The X-Men discover the Savage Land.


And it doesn’t take long until Jean and Angel are captured by natives.

20130223-230549.jpgBut don’t fear. The rest of the gang runs into this guy. His name is… I already forgot his name, fuck it, his name is Tarzan and he yells a lot. And his tiger yells a lot.


And he yells a lot.


And that’s pretty much it. They all fight and stuff and the X-Men try to get him to join their club and as you can imagine he turns them down. It’s all a lot of fun if you like Tarzan.

In case you’re interested, claims that the first appearance of the Savage Land was in Marvel Mystery Comics #22 (1941), but that the location was unidentified. It lists the first identified appearance of the Savage Land as being X-Men #10.


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