Namor is an Asshole.


Namor is basically the Aquaman of the Marvel Universe, and for that he takes a lot of heat and is the butt of a lot of jokes. I want to let the record show that he deserves every bit of it. Namor is a first class asshole. He may be a hero and an X-Man today, but in the early 60s he went through a period where he was just a complete dick to every superhero he came across. He fought the Fantastic Four, Spiderman, even Daredevil. He started a fight with a blind guy. Namor’s too good for landwalkers. Namor’s from the god damn ocean. Lets see how this plays out.

In issue 6, the X-Men are again going to face off against Magneto and his Brotherhood, only now we are back on the hunt for new mutants. A lot of these early issues involve Professor X and Magneto each racing to find and recruit powerful new mutants before the other can. Xavier searches with Cerebro and Magneto apparently searches with… magnetism I guess.


In this issue however, both Magneto and Xavier have an out of body experience and go walking down on the ocean floor as ghosts. They’re looking for a the sub-mariner. Namor.

20130220-184625.jpg 20130220-184630.jpg

Once they find him it’s quickly revealed that he is an arrogant jerk. It isn’t long before he has fought both the X-Men and the Brotherhood. I’m going to guess that he was an only child. Anyone who breathes oxygen just isn’t good enough for this guy.


By the end of the comic everyone has tried to be friends with Namor and everyone has failed.


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  1. yahnamore Zebulun

    I Feel your anger toward Namor Uncanny Ed. However I LOVE this character Marvel has developed over the years. Namor is one of a kind and a true individual amongst Heroes and villians. Also remember that Namor the Submariner was even before Marvel and before DC’s Aquaman. So we are trully talking about someone who never really belonged to Marvel and will never truly fit in with the other Marvel universe members. He is a isolated torchered soul. THE ORIGINAL MINORITY OF MARVEL. I DID A SEARCH OF NAMOR YEARS AGO IN THE MAIN BRANCH OF THE CHICAGO lIBRARY AND TO MY AMAZEMENT FOUND THAT NAMOR WAS LIKEN THE “THE BLACK MUSLEM MOVEMENT” (GOOGLE SEARCH THIS)OF THE EARLY 50’S, WOW… ALONG WITH THE FACT THAT HE LOOKS ASIAN, I REALLY THINK HIS IDENTITY DOESN’T SIT WELL WITH WESTERN CULTURE. WE LIKE TO THINK THAT AMERICA IS A GREAT LAND OF INDIVIDUAL ACCEPTANCE (AND FOR THE MOST PART IT IS) BUT I THINK AT TIMES WE SUBCONSCIOUSLY HAVE OUR LAPSES OF PREDISPOSITION AND BIAS-ISM OF WHAT WE VIEW AS RIGHT AND NORMAL. We Love Thor because he reminds us of Jesus. We love Wolverine because he is a United States Marine soldier, and Namor is a Black Muslum…… Phychologically these comics and comic book heroes play on our likes and dislikes. I like Namor because I feel outcasted. I am not Muslum but I am black in America. So I see myself in this character.

    • Also, the only references I can find to Namor being a black muslim is a sentence on his Wikipedia page that states that a different version of Namor was black. I would be interested in learning more about this.

      • yahnamore Zebulun

        It took me a while to find this article, I actually read the book years ago. It was an old , very old book on cartoon/super heroes. Yes it was Superman and Batman and other older heros. remember, Namor was around in those days. By the way Clint Eastwood mentioned that Namor was his favorite hero. Now Clint has to be 105 years old LOL so Namor is old. But in this article the name of the book and the writer is there. Thank you….

  2. I don’t hate the guy, and I am glad we have him. I just wanted to point that he’s an arrogant jerk, which is great. Someone has to play that character, and who better than Namor? He’s royalty and he predates most Marvel characters, so it only makes sense that he’d look down on a bunch of teenage mutants. I love his role in the Marvel universe, it’s just funny that throughout this period in the 60s he gives so many heroes a lot of trouble. (Especially Mr. Fantastic. He just won’t leave Sue Storm alone!) I’m looking forward to seeing how he becomes a hero and a friend of these teams.

    Also, I just read Avengers vs. X-Men and it’s good to see that he’s still a homewrecking asshole. Some things never change.

    But that having been said, I’ll also mention what I like about Namor. First of all, jerk or not he has a lot more personality than anything I’ve ever seen from Aquaman. He’ll always be seen as “Marvel’s Aquaman”, and not without good reason, but he’s still his own character once you get past a few obvious similarities. I’ve only read slightly more Namor comics than I have Aquaman, and I don’t think I could remember anything memorable about Aquaman’s personality.

    Also, Namor doesn’t talk to fish. There are good reasons why Aquaman is the butt of so many jokes and Namor is not.

    Finally, Namor came first. 1939 vs 1941. Believe it or not I didn’t know this until you told me. Thanks Zebulun!

    So I really do appreciate Namor. He should just learn to be nicer to his friends.

    • yahnamore Zebulun

      Thank you Uncanny!

      Namor can’t command sea life but he does have a understanding communication wise it’s more a one way street. Sea life speaks to him. He also has the ability to immitate all sea life, and dis-charge electricity like an electric eel.

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