Graduation Day

IMG_0175 copy

There is a lot going on in issue #7 that I want to talk about, and the first big thing is the X-Men’s graduation day. Cyclops, Angel, Beast, Marvel Girl, and Iceman are all getting their diploma’s from Charles Xavier’s School of Hard Knocks. This is really a huge early milestone in X-Men history, being the first of many graduating classes. I don’t really know what it means to graduate from this school since they apparently keep attending for about 538 more issues, but what the hell. It’s their big day.

IMG_0176They’re all so happy and carefree, bumbling around the camera for a group photo. Yet when I squint my eyes, the whole scene becomes a sketchy old man taking advantage of the naivety of five teenage youths. He can’t wait to lead them back into the scenario where they can get killed, all while he sits on his ass at home. But heck, at least they have the diploma to show for it, right?




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