Beast Saves the X-Men

Now I want to jump ahead fifty years to our present day. Lets talk about a current Marvel title called All New X-Men, one that premiered in November.


At this point in the Marvel Universe, the X-Men are broken and fragmented. The mansion is destroyed. Wolverine is the headmaster of the new Jean Grey School for Gifted Youth. Cyclops is leading a militant mutant revolution. Cable and Colossus are wanted by the authorities. Wolverine and Rogue are Avengers and Magneto and Emma Frost are X-Men. Charles Xavier is dead. His dream is about to die with him.

And with the one person who it seems could set this straight, Cyclops, waging a war against the human race, the X-Men feel helpless. With things looking as bleak as they ever have, Beast decides to take some drastic measures.

After Iceman makes the point that the old Scott Summers, the teenage Scott Summers would never have accepted what the current Cyclops is doing, he gives Beast an idea. He goes back in time to 1964, back when the X-Men were still idealistic and uncompromising. He goes back to the very point where he himself once quit the X-Men, the point where it was Cyclops who set him straight. It was Cyclops who taught him the importance of Xavier’s dream of a peaceful coexistence between man and mutant.


Beast has returned to the exact argument that I was discussing in my last post. He has returned to X-Men #8, after Beast was chased by a mob for saving a child’s life. The present day Beast steps right into their argument, understandably catching these youngsters off guard.



The X-Men are about to embark on one of their strangest adventures, their future selves. I’ll be posting more on this soon. I highly suggest this title. The idea was very strange to me at first but it’s written extremely well. It’s only seven issues in and you should pick it up. It’s also of course the perfect companion piece to these early issues.


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