Beast Quits the X-Men

Shortly into issue #8 Beast and Iceman are in their civilian clothes on a busy New York City street. Suddenly there is a young child on the very top of an extremely high water tower. How in the hell does this shit happen? No time to give it any thought, the Beast is springing into action.

IMG_0192 copy

He does manage to save the day, but at a high cost. New Yorkers hate mutants, and they especially hate the really crafty ones who rescue children. Dirty Mutants.

IMG_0193 copy

“He probably saved that kid just to throw us off guard.” I love that line.


Iceman and Beast burst into Cyclops’ office all torn up and frazzled. Beast is completely fed up and proclaims that he’s done fighting for the humans.


His change of heart leads him to walk away from the X-Men. Beast is through being a super hero, and he’s tired of being treated like a second class citizen. I can’t exactly blame him.

Of course these aren’t like modern comics where a character quitting is part of some huge epic ongoing story arc. He’s back in the X-Men by the end of this issue. They fight Unus the Untouchable. Sigh… Unus. I don’t have enough energy right now to talk about Unus. He’s not very memorable. Maybe Dave will talk about him.


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