A New Leader is Chosen


And what would a festive celebration be without a lot of unnecessary drama? Apparently Professor X feels the need to rain on their parade, as he announces on Graduation Day that he is taking a leave of absence from the X-Men. Granted this is coming from the same guy who just lied to us about losing his powers, but we’ll play along.

In his absence, Xavier decides to choose a team leader, who will be in charge of the team while he is gone. Well if you thought Iceman you were wrong.

He takes Cyclops into the secretive “west wing”, which has been off limits to them. And in a darkened room the lights are turned on to reveal…


Yes, that is cerebro, the huge supercomputer that Professor X uses to find mutants anywhere on the planet. This is its first appearance, and it will become as important a part of X-Men history as Asteroid M or the mansion itself. If you haven’t read the comics, you might recognize this machine from the X-Men movies.


The Professor goes on to explain what it does and why he has shown it to Cyclops. He has chosen the brooding, serious Scott Summers as the leader of the X-Men. How are there no other adults at this school? Oh wait that’s right. They all graduated.


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