X-Men Americana


On the first page of issue 6 we find the X-Men sitting down to eat dinner as a family. I can’t help but think of Norman Rockwell. Why does Bobby need to make pie a la mode while no one’s looking?


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  1. 1) Scott only smiles when he gets to smugly chew people out whilst inflicting physical pain on them for not obeying his uptight rules of manners.

    2) Scott is also so dull that he only eats green glop for dinner.

    3) Not that Jean can cook anything besides green glop and brownish-grey mush molded into the shape of normal foods.

    4) Speaking of Jean, either the food is resting on plates abiding by non-euclidean geometry, or she is making the dishes float at very abnormal angles.

    5) That’s not a la mode, Bobby. You’re just covering a perfectly good(if insanely big) slice of pie in frozen water. Or maybe Bobby has the mutant power to create ice cream, which is awesome.

    6) Science was different in the sixties. They didn’t have any of this algebra, geometry, or calculus. Just MATH, and Advanced MATH.

    7) Oh, Bobby’s hands appear more grotesque than Beast’s. Funny.

    • Astonishing Dave

      wow that is a serious critique of this image, and entirely accurate. And it would be just completely awesome if Bobby’s super power was creating ice cream out of thin air. It would have been a very different 50 years.

  2. Also, Bobby is about to eat his body’s own secretions. Since he apparently needs to do it while no one is looking, I take it he’s been yelled at for this behavior in the past. “Aww gross Bobby! What did we tell you about eating your own ice cream!” On the flipside, imagine how fast mankind would accept him if all he did was make ice cream.

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